10 Top Tattoo Parlours in Johannesburg

Tings Tattoos | Courtesy of Tings Tattoos
Tings Tattoos | Courtesy of Tings Tattoos
Photo of Carina Claassens
22 February 2018

Looking to get inked? It’s no small feat finding the perfect tattoo artist, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the best in Johannesburg who can help you turn your desires into reality.

The Black Lodge

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Courtesy of The Black Lodge
The Black Lodge is a place where both tattoo lovers and newbies can feel right at home. The professional artists will guide you through the process; the black walls add to the grungy atmosphere. The studio emphasises the importance of seeing body decorations as works of art and aims to move away from common designs, ensuring instead that each tattoo is unique and meaningful.

Evil Ink

From hyper-realism and grey-scale photorealism to traditional tattoo art, Evil Ink’s large portfolio showcases some of the most extensive work you’ll have ever seen. Owner and artist Roger Harris has been tattooing professionally for over six years and guarantees only the finest work.

28 Hoeveld Road, Ruimsig, Honeydew, South Africa, +27 73 373 5897

Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes specialise in custom work and boast numerous talented tattoo artists who are, between them, able to bring to life any concept in a range of styles. Co-owners Thys and Jen share a love for the art, and Thys’s formal art training means that it’s a place with an impressive level of professionalism and very high-quality work.

53 6th Street, Parkhurst, South Africa, +27 11 028 0994

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Tattooing | Courtesy of Fallen Heroes

Handstyle Tattoos

Ross Hallam opened Handstyle Tattoos in 2010 and since then he’s welcomed other artists into his studio to work their magic. Ross specialises in full-colour American traditional, neo-traditional and Japanese styles, but the parlour has an impressive portfolio catering to virtually every need.

7th Sreet, Melville, South Africa, +27 72 540 8368

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Courtesy of Taryn Nissen/Handstyle Tattoos

Ting's Tattoos

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Ting's Tattoos, Randburg
Ting's Tattoos, Randburg | Courtesy of Tings Tattoos
What sets Ting’s Tattoos apart from other studios is that it’s the only female-driven tattoo parlour in Johannesburg. It’s run from a welcoming store filled with pretty trinkets and potted plants, and owner Ting is known for her soft watercolour pieces.

Zen Ink

Zen Ink offers free consultations, and the artists will spend as much time as is needed to ensure your design is exactly what you want it to be. The studio is run by Jay-Cee Rademeyer and his wife Nina Wu, a talented artist from Beijing who has won Best Female Tattoo Artist in Asia.

307 Commissioner Street, Boksburg, South Africa, +27 11 892 4919