A Couple's Guide to the Seychelles

Officially the best air in the world. ©Jean-Marie Hullot/Flickr
Officially the best air in the world. ©Jean-Marie Hullot/Flickr
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30 January 2017

The powder-white beaches, crystal-clear warm water, and blue skies – Seychelles is certainly a beautiful place for any couple to visit. But what are you actually going to do once you get here? Check out our couple’s guide to the Seychelles.

Couples massage

There are so many amazing spas in the Seychelles, most with unbelievable views to really enhance the experience. A couples massage is a lovely way to relax together and treat yourself at the same time. There are so many beautiful spas to try in Seychelles with stunning views. For ultimate indulgence, the spa at Raffles Hotel on Praslin is a great one to try. They offer bespoke ‘couple experiences’ with a variety of different massages, spa journeys and treatments available.

Raffles Hotel, Anse Takamaka, Praslin Seychelles +248 429 6000

Take a massage together. | ©Collin Parker/Flickr

Go diving

Although you won’t be able to say much to each other while you’re underwater, a dive is definitely best done with a partner – or even better with your other half. Sharing the pre-dive nervous excitement, no matter what your experience level, is a great thing to do. Best of all, talking about all of the amazing things you saw on the boat trip back is so much fun. Take a look at our list of the most beautiful dive sites in Seychelles.

Dive with the critically endangered hawksbill turtle | WikiCommons

Learn the Moutia

The Moutia – or ‘Moutya/Mutcha‘ as you will also see it written – and the Sega are traditional dances of the Seychelles. Dating back to the time of slavery, the dance is traditionally held around a campfire, with African drums.

You’ll find them being performed at Creole nights in various hotels across Seychelles. The groups that perform usually love to get the crowd up dancing too. If this feels like your worst nightmare, have a couple of cocktails, get into the island spirit and embrace it – the dance is very simple.

The Moutia starts out slow and continues to build. It’s a pretty suggestive dance although there is actually no touching throughout. Sega is much faster. If you’re on Mahé check out the Moutia dance at Coral Strand Hotel.

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The best place on Praslin to watch the Moutia dance is Paradise Sun Hotel.

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Mutcha Dancers performing at Paradise Sun Hotel, Praslin | ©MC1 Photography

Take an inner island boat trip

This is the best way to visit multiple islands. While Mahè, Praslin and La Digue are the main places to stay in the inner islands, there are so many other beautiful little islands you can explore. You can find yourselves alone on a tiny little island, snorkelling and seeing turtles, or relaxing and sharing a drink on deck. Most hotels and guest houses will be able to recommend someone for a boat trip. Prices don’t tend to vary too much. You could of course, hire your own boat – Dream Yacht offer this.

Dream Yacht Charter, Seychelles +248 4 232 681

Take a boat trip together around the inner islands. | ©so seychelles/flickr

Take a boat trip together around the inner islands. | ©so seychelles/Flickr

Take a walk down the beach

Okay, this may be obvious, but seriously, you have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches at your fingertips. Early mornings are often the quietest time on the beaches, and usually the coolest part of the day too. This is the time to get your best beach pictures. Of course, sunsets on the beach are a must-see for any couple coming to the Seychelles.

Petite Anse Kerlan, Praslin | ©so seychelles/Flickr

Get lost

Whichever island you are on, there are plenty of places that are off the tourist trail. Get out and explore. Speak to the locals, stop at that tiny beach you pass in the car, visit the fruit stands, try the local takeaways.

Get lost | ©so seychelles/Flickr


Being in the middle of the Indian Ocean with low levels of light pollution means that you get some fantastic star-filled night skies in Seychelles. There are plenty of nights with clear skies, and the temperature remains warm all night throughout the year. It’s the most beautiful way to spend your evenings in the Seychelles.

Go stargazing | ©ESO/C. Malin


Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is. But, Seychelles has been proven to have the best air quality in the world, confirmed by the 2016 report from the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) So take some big deep breathes, the air here is as good as it gets.

Officially the best air in the world | ©Jean-Marie Hullot/Flickr

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