The Best Bars and Nightclubs in Kigali

Trophy's cocktails
Trophy's cocktails | Courtesy of Leah Feiger
Photo of Leah Feiger
16 September 2017

In the last few years, the going out scene in Kigali has grown tremendously. New bars and nightclubs have sprung up all over the city, and late nights have become very common. Cocktail bars, happy hours, and live music can now be found several nights a week, and options for going out have diversified. Check out our guide below to the best bars and nightclubs in Kigali.


Choma’D, restaurant and bar in the Nyarutarama neighborhood, is one of Kigali’s hippest spots. Consistently busy, the bar has long communal tables that stay packed late. Their cocktails are flowing, and the selection of comfort food (think mac and cheese) is perfect for a night out.

Choma’D, KG 9, Kigali, Rwanda

Choma'D in Kigali

Choma’D in Kigali | © Courtesy of Dereck Kyaru

Trophy’s Sports Lounge

One of the newest additions to Kigali’s bar scene, Trophy’s has quickly become a city staple. Their cocktails are the best in the city (try the Dawa or the Cowboy Kiss), and their happy hours on Thursday and Friday (buy one get one free) are unbeatable.

Trophy’s Sports Lounge, KG 8, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 736 938 277

Trophy's cocktails

Trophy’s cocktails | Courtesy of Leah Feiger


Popular with the expat and intern set, Sundowner is the place to go on Friday or Saturday night to listen to P-Square and dance until dawn. Watch out for your valuables, grab a Skol lager, and attempt to network drunkenly.

Sundowner, KG 625, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 785 018 359

Sundowner in Kigali

Sundowner in Kigali | © Courtesy of Leah Feiger


With a newly revamped bar area, Papyrus is once again one of the most popular places to go out in Kigali. Though the rooftop is closed off to guests, the beautiful views from the restaurant and bars (not to mention superb location in the Kimihurura neighborhood) make this an unmissable spot.

Papyrus, KG 624, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 417 820


Envy, the club in the basement of Papyrus, is loud, colorful, and always packed until 8am. Without windows, partygoers blearily stumble outside after sunrise shocked at the late (or early) hour. Luckily, the brochette and potato stand right next to the entrance has saved many a hangover.

Envy, KG 624, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 417 820

Le Must Pub

Le Must is the place to be late on Thursday night. The indoor club is often full exuberant dancers, while the outdoor bar is packed with a mix of expats, businessmen, and students ready to let loose.

Le Must Pub, KN 40, Kigali, Rwanda


Cocobean does not generally get started until quite late, but when it gets started, it is the place to be in Kigali. The indoor bar and dance floor spill out onto the adjacent pool deck, as a mix of Kigali residents dance, flirt, and drink their way through the large location.

Cocobean, KG 5, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 990 811

Cocobean in Kigali

Cocobean in Kigali | © Courtesy of Leah Feiger

Ubumwe Grande Hotel

Though expensive, the view from the bar at the Ubumwe Grande hotel is one of the best in the city. Sip and swirl white wine, grab some bar snacks, and settle in with some friends for a classy evening out on the town.

Ubumwe Grande Hotel, KG 67, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 783 744 755

View from the Ubumwe Grande Hotel

View from the Ubumwe Grande Hotel | © Courtesy of Joli Tropisme

Rosty Club

Located in Remera, Rosty is popular among the set of Rwandans living in the Kimironko, Remera, Kibagabaga, and Gishushu neighborhoods. The music is generally blaring and the drinks are cheap.

Rosty Club, KG 18, Kigali, Rwanda

K Club

K Club, in addition to Envy, is probably one of Kigali’s most popular clubs. Located in Gacuriro (above Woodlands Supermarket), the club is often fun, but also home to many prostitutes and old men attempting to pick them up.

K Club, KG 9, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 785 223 273

Executive Car Wash

Located in an actual car wash, this bar serves some of Kigali’s best brochettes alongside a selection of cold beers. It also shows football matches and hosts karaoke nights.

Executive Car Wash, KN 7, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 826 195