11 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in Kigali

<a href = ""> Coffee in Rwanda | © Dennis Tang/Flickr
<a href = ""> Coffee in Rwanda | © Dennis Tang/Flickr | © Dennis Tang / Flickr
Rwanda’s capital city is full of couples. Married couples, dating couples, friendship couples, you name it – there are couples everywhere. Even so, date options in Kigali are often perceived as limited. However, there are tonnes of unique date opportunities around the city. Check out the following unusual date ideas to try in Kigali and mix up the routine.

Yoga at Inema Arts Center

Art Gallery
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Hit the mat with weekly yoga classes at Inema Arts Center. The centre, founded by Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza, showcases some of Rwanda’s best contemporary art, while their assortment of activities are a core part of Kigali’s social scene.
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Catch a film

Though Chris Pratt’s newest action film is likely wonderful, take a night to explore the local cinema houses and share some of Rwanda’s best film productions with your significant other. Rwandan and regional films are shown at the Kwetu Film Institute, or at different locations hosting the Rwandan Film Festival.

Kwetu Film Institute, KG 383, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 557 640

Eat with your hands

Get down and dirty with a classic Kigali dish: big fish. This giant, grilled fish, topped with onions and spices, is more than enough to happily feed two people (and will likely bring them closer together). Head to the vibrant Nyamirambo neighbourhood for the city’s best offerings. Wash back the fish with a couple of cold beers and spend the rest of the evening bar-hopping your way through one of Kigali’s most fun areas.

Ten to Two Panorama, KN 22, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 831 878

Big fish in Kigali

Big fish in Kigali

Go horseback riding on Mt. Kigali

Locals and visitors alike climb or drive up Mt. Kigali to enjoy the city’s most stunning vistas. Grab a date and head to Fazenda Sengha, a horse-riding destination on top of the mountain, for an adventurous and beautiful afternoon.

Fazenda Sengha, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 788 551 787

Views of Kigali at dusk

Views of Kigali at dusk

Take a Kinyarwanda class

What better way to bond with a partner than through mutual education? Take one of Inzora Rooftop Cafe’s Kinywarwanda class to learn a little bit more about Rwanda’s language, cultural heritage, and each other – and stick around for a delicious coffee and brownie afterwards.

Inzora Rooftop Café, KG 5, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 789 539 764

Drinks on the Inzora rooftop

Drinks on the Inzora rooftop | Courtesy of Kigali Eats

Do the Go Kigali city tour

Even Kigali residents enjoy the Go Kigali city tour, as fabulous, local guides show small groups Kigali’s hidden gems. Bring your date on this whirlwind tour of markets, local art, Rwandan coffee, and a couple of neighbourhoods off the beaten track.

Go Kigali Tours and Boutique, KN 3, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 781 466 592

Go Kigali lunch break

Go Kigali lunch break

Watch a soccer game at Amahoro Stadium

Check out your partner’s competitive side with a trip to Amahoro Stadium for a classic Kigali football game. Amahoro is the largest stadium in Rwanda, and is a great place to throw back a few beers and scream your lungs out for your favourite team on a Saturday afternoon.

Amahoro National Stadium, KG 17, Kigali, Rwanda

Fans at Amahoro National Stadium

Fans at Amahoro National Stadium | © MONUSCO Photos / Flickr

Picnic on one of Kigali’s many hills

Though Kigali’s public park options are limited, snag some sandwiches from Turambe Shoppe and vanilla eclairs from Baso Patissier before making your way to one of Kigali’s many beautiful hills. Find a quiet spot, lay down a blanket, and voila! A date in the land of a thousand hills. Take a taxi, bus, or motorcycle to the top of Mt. Kigali, or pick any of the other surrounding hills at random.

Views from Mt. Kigali

Views from Mt. Kigali

Take a dance class

Dance classes for adults are offered at City Arts, a lovely performing and visual arts centre in the middle of Kigali. Take Latino dance, African contemporary dance, or tap dance on weekday evenings, and see if the other couples in the room can really move.

City Arts, KG 674, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 784 444 569

Do a coffee tasting

Question Coffee, in addition to purveying some of Kigali’s best coffee, has recently opened up tasting facilities and tours. For an unusual and unique date excursion, head to Question Coffee and sign up for one of their coffee cupping experiences.

Question Coffee Bar, KG 674, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 781 968 027

Coffee in Rwanda

Coffee in Rwanda | © Dennis Tang / Flickr

Quiz Night at Sole Luna

Bring a date and join a group of expats, residents and locals at the pizzeria Sole Luna to test your knowledge. Quiz night happens every Monday and is hosted by quizmasters from all over the world. Hope for a competitive team, as winners get complimentary meals and drinks. Besides being a potentially cheap date, this quiz is ultra-unique, with global and region-specific questions and participants.