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Romantic novels are popular among Nigerian women | © Karolina Grabowska/Pexels
Romantic novels are popular among Nigerian women | © Karolina Grabowska/Pexels
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The Top Romance Novels Nigerian Women Are Reading in 2017

Picture of Cynthia Okoroafor
Updated: 9 September 2017
Nigerian women are fans of romance; in real life, in a movie, or in a book. Romance novels readily provide an escape into fantasy-land regardless of time or place. These are the novels women in Nigeria are reading in 2017.

Love Me Unconditionally – Ola Awonubi

Ola Awonubi’s novel surely resonates with Nigerian women. Love Me Unconditionally combines the popular themes of a successful career, a failed marriage, societal constructs and pressures, confused feelings, fated meetings (of course), and the need to feel loved without any past or present restrictions.

Love Me Unconditionally book cover
Love Me Unconditionally book cover | © Ankara Press

A Heart to Mend – Myne Whitman

A Heart to Mend explores the fragility of emotional liaisons with a finely honed skill to meld storytelling with realistic experiences. Edward’s detached nature and stubbornness, and Gladys’ persistence in her mission to get him to open up, mirror the familiar events that occur in the lives of those who recognise what it is to fight for love.

A Heart to Mend book cover
A Heart to Mend book cover | © Amazon/AuthorHouse

The Mistress – Danielle Steele

A mistress, a painter in love, and a ruthless billionaire who wants something intimate from both of them. In Danielle Steele’s The Mistress, Natasha Leonova, Theo Luca, and Vladimir Stanislas are embroiled in an unlikely love triangle fraught with risky obsessions and a test of deep loyalties and desires. A narrative we’re perhaps all too familiar with.

The Mistress book cover
The Mistress book cover | © Penguin Books/Bantam Press

A Tailor-Made Romance – Oyindamola Affinnih

Any Nigerian woman whose background and upbringing has interfered with her love life, or that of anyone she knows, would surely get the tension in Oyindamola Affinnih’s novel A Tailor-Made Romance. After a kiss that occurs as a result of a reluctant second date, Tishe is left trying to reconcile her feelings for the tailor she feels strongly for with the expectations of her family and social circle.

A Tailor-Made Romance book cover
A Tailor-Made Romance book cover | © Sabinews/Ankara Press

Fifty Shades Darker – E L James

Practically every Nigerian woman who knows a bit about literature and film knows about the Fifty Shades franchise by now. Following the success of Fifty Shades of Grey in cinemas worldwide, it was only normal to want to read the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. And although we can agree it doesn’t quite match expectations, there are still some spicy tips in there, at least.

Fifty Shades Darker book cover
Fifty Shades Darker book cover | © Collider/Vintage Books

Any Dream Will Do – Debbie Macomber

A fresh start in life with high hopes for the foreseeable future is always a great feeling. When romance develops between Shay and Pastor Drew, an already heady feeling is made stronger. Two people who feel lost and helpless meet in a church, fall in love, and battle their demons together… What could be a better dream?

Any Dream Will Do book cover
Any Dream Will Do book cover | © Goodreads/Ballantine Books

The Elevator Kiss – Amina Thula

Granted, this novel’s plot follows basic tale of romance between two strangers who meet and fall in love – a plot enjoyed by those who want stories with an unbreakable romance. A successful man, a woman in emotional tatters, and a fated meeting. Yet, the character and setting of The Elevator Kiss provides the refreshment readers crave when they pick up yet another romantic novel.

The Elevator Kiss book cover
The Elevator Kiss book cover | © Goodreads/Ankara Press

This Crazy Paradise – Aziza Eden Walker

A recently divorced psychologist discovers an interest in writing love stories. As she retreats to a resort in Greece to get started on her latest ambition, she’s cast into her very own story, which features both the usual and unusual suspects. Everything in Dr Onele Dlamini’s man-made paradise takes a crazy turn with the appearance of a workman named Daniel Lindo in her apartment.

This Crazy Paradise book cover
This Crazy Paradise book cover | © Ankara Press

Freddie Entangled – Kiru Taye

Kiru Taye’s The Essien series continues to thrill her fans, and the fast-paced, suspenseful, intense, and thoroughly enjoyable Freddie Entangled is a good example as to why. Freddie Entangled follows the story of a woman who seeks the protection of a strong and appealing man to escape her violent matrimony. As their relationship advances, so does a hidden passion.

Freddie Entangled book cover
Freddie Entangled book cover | © Goodreads/KT Press

Hidden Currents – Somi Ekhasomhi

Hidden Currents is set in the mega-city of Lagos, where a career-driven Ada finds herself confused about a man she had convince herself she could never be interested in. The rest of the story is an interesting take on how strong and independent women in the big city manage the tumultuous journeys that are love and life.

Hidden Currents book cover
Hidden Currents book cover | © Somi Ekhasomhi/Raven Books