A Tour of Abuja, Nigeria in 10 Famous Buildings

Abuja National Mosque
Abuja National Mosque | © neajjean / Flickr
Photo of Anne Adams
7 September 2018

Buildings are a reflection of a society’s prestige, tradition and development. They are seen as centers of modern civilization, boasting unique and interesting features. Here are 10 famous architectural structures in Abuja, that will help you understand the dynamics of Nigeria.

Abuja National Mosque

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The Abuja National Masque, Nigeria | © Mark Fischer / Flickr

According to the Hongkiat survey, the Abuja National Mosque is among the Top 50 Most Beautiful Religious Centres in the world. The mosque, which is open to the non-Muslims except during prayers, houses a library, a conference hall and a religious school. The architectural marvel and detailed structure displays a golden dome and four minarets dominating the skyline of Abuja’s Central Area from miles away. The mosque tops the list as the most beautiful edifice in Abuja.

A close-up view of Abuja National Mosque | © Mark Fischer / Flickr

Ministry of Defence - Ship House

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Parta 039
Ship House houses Nigeria's Ministry of Defence in Abuja | © Jeff Attaway / Flickr

This building crafted in the form of a ship befits its status as the headquarters of the Nigerian Ministry of Defence, which consists of the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Air Force, the Nigerian Navy and other associated defence agencies and departments. Considered one of the most architecturally controversial buildings in Abuja, the building is easily one of the most unique man-made structures in Nigeria.

CBN Headquarters

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8583983015_51b086f276_b (1)
The Central Bank of Nigeria in Abuja | © Rick McCharles / Flickr

The Central Bank of Nigeria is the apex monetary authority in Nigeria, serving as the regulatory body for Nigeria’s financial sector. The corporate head office is located in the Central Business District of Abuja, standing at 308 ft (94 m). The architectural design of the CBN headquarters is a beauty to behold, and also stands as one of the tallest buildings in Nigeria.

Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

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The Sheraton Hotel, Abuja | © Jeff Attaway / Flickr

The luxury Sheraton Hotel is located in central Abuja, a 40-minute drive from the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, 1 km (0.62 miles) from the Abuja National Mosque, 5 km (3.1 miles) from Millennium Park and 9 km (5.6 miles) from Aso Villa – the residence of the Nigerian President.


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  • Transcorp Hilton Hotel

    Map View

    Transcorp Hilton is a 4-star state-of-the-art luxury hotel in Abuja. The hotel has 670 luxuriously decorated rooms and offers leisure facilities including a swimming pool, an on-site casino, a fitness center, a sports hall for squash and volleyball, a barber shop, a hair salon, a tennis court, and a shopping arcade. This is unarguably one of the top-notch buildings in Abuja.


    Mama Africa Arts and Craft Village

    Art Gallery, Market
    Map View

    Nigeria is known to have some of the greatest artists that have walked the face of the earth. The city’s center of arts is not limited to ancient art, but is also home to modern and contemporary art. The local traditional setting of huts and bamboo gives it a unique African vibe.

    Abuja Airplane House

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    Abuja Airplane House | © Moises.on / Flickr

    A Lebanese couple living in Abuja began work on this architectural sight in 2002. Spearheaded by husband Jammal Said who wanted to fulfil his wife’s love of travel in a more unconventional, and needless to say, grounded way, the plane is about 100 ft (30.5 m) long. The house itself has three floors and a basement. The wings and engines of the plane that extend over the sides of the hilltop villa each contain a bedroom and bathroom. The beautifully constructed cabin area is a living room and bar, the TV/computer game room is located in the plane’s cockpit, while the back of the plane is a kitchen. Along with the main building, the property also features a number of other aircraft-inspired structures, one resembling an aircraft control tower. Behind the main house is a smaller, plane-topped guest cottage and a two-storey security booth. The airplane house is an attraction for many visitors to the capital city who are interested to learn more about the amazing structure the Saids have constructed. Be mindful, however, as the building is still private property.

    International Conference Center

    Map View

    Popularly called ICC, this is another magnificent structure that the city of Abuja has to offer. ICC is a major conference venue in Nigeria – some striking features include: large glass doors, marble floors, a soaring curved roof and a beautiful scenic lush garden.

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