13 Photos You'll Wish You'd Taken in Nigeria

Fishing on the Lagoon |© Osisiye Tarfa
Fishing on the Lagoon |© Osisiye Tarfa
Nigeria is not only vast in cultures and languages, it is also rich in picturesque locations and events that present a wide array of photo ops. Here are some pictures we know you’d wish you had taken in Nigeria.

These Shots Taken During the Kano Durbar

Durbar festivals are celebrated at the culmination of the Eid-ar Fitr and Eid-al-Adha in several states across Nigeria, particularly in locations where there’s a lot of people practicing the Islamic Religion. A colorful parade that usually ends in front of the Emir’s Palace. Although started in 1911 as a political colonial tool, over the years the Durbar has taken on the flavors and cultures of the people who organize and participate in the Durbar.

A Royal Guard © Osisiye Tarfa
Horsemen participating in the Durbar © Osisiye Tarfa
Lone Horseman © Osisiye Tarfa

This Historical Bridge

One of the largest constructions of the colonials before leaving Nigeria, the Makurdi Bridge was built to replace the old ferry services offered by the Nigerian Railway Service in 1932. The bridge eventually served as an escape route for Nigerians of Igbo extraction fleeing from their homes in Northern Nigeria due to the pogrom that heralded the beginning of the Nigerian Civil War.

Makurdi Bridge © TJ Benson

These Buildings

The images showcase different buildings and the varieties that can be found across the country. From the little town of Iseyin to a mudhouse in Kura and the Emir’s Palace in Kano.

The Emir of Kano's Palace Tarfa Osisiye
Acompoiund in Kura © Osisiye Tarfa
The frontage of an old building in Iseyin © TJ Benson

This Perfect Shot

This particular picture brings to mind Bon Jovi’s lyrics “… live when I’m alive, sleep when I’m dead.”

An Old Cemetary along Lagos/Epe Expressway

Nature in All Her Abundance

Nigeria’s landscape is a photographer’s paradise with her hills, mountains, deep forests, and rivers.

Idanre Hills © Osisiye Tarfa
Fishing on the Lagoon © Osisiye Tarfa
The Seventh Summit of the Olumirin Waterfalls © Osisiye Tarfa

Beautiful Nigerian Children

One of the stereotypes of Nigeria is her overpopulation, and the starving children, but these young ones burst that myth.

Kano Girl © Osisiye Tarfa
Boy and his horse © Osisiye Tarfa