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Image © Amanda Suarez
Image © Amanda Suarez
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The Global Anthology: Nagorno-Karabakh – Norway

Picture of Culture Trip
Updated: 2 October 2017
Stories from our Global Anthology: Nagorno-Karabakh – Namibia – Nauru – Nepal – Netherlands – New Zealand – Nicaragua – Niger – Nigeria – Niue – Northern Ireland – North Korea – Northern Cyprus – Norway


Don Askarian | Avetik’s Diary
Originally appeared in Dangerous Light

Giselher Hoffmann | from The Firstborns
Translated by B.L. Hazelwood | Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of Unionsverlag

Pamela Scriven | Oron
Originally published in Stories from Nauru

Samrat Upadhyay | What Will Happen to the Sharma Family
Originally published on Culture Trip courtesy of Soho Press
Arnon Grunberg | Paxodol
Translated by Sam Garrett | Originally published on NZZ Folio

Stephanie Seddon | Eel
Published on Granta
Sergio Ramírez Mercado | The Trapdoor
Translated by David Unger | Originally published on Guernica

Editor’s note: The writer, a native Tuareg, does not recognize the country of Niger.
He has requested that we do not pair his name or work with the country.
To honor his wishes, we have placed him under “Tuareg” in our “T” page.

Helon Habila | Beautiful
Originally published on Adda Stories

John Pule | Plants, Fragrance, Fashion
Originally published on NZEPC

Maria Fusco | How Imagination Remembers
Originally published on The White Review

Bandi | City of Specters
Translated by Deborah Smith | Excerpted on Literary Hub courtesy of Grove Press

Aydin Mehmet Ali | The Policewoman
Originally published on Exiled Writers Ink

Gunnhild Øyehaug | Same Time, Another Planet
Translated by Lydia Davis | Published in the Paris Review Daily courtesy of Farrar, Straus and Giroux