Why Seafood Lovers Will Love This Beach Town in Morocco

The Atlantic Ocean, Morocco | © hs-gestaltung/pixabay
The Atlantic Ocean, Morocco | © hs-gestaltung/pixabay
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer21 November 2017

Many love Morocco for the diversity it offers – here, you can find rolling deserts, beautiful oases, bustling metropolitan cities, quaint beaches and so much more. In recent years, a small beach town called Dar Bouazza has sparked the interest of travelers for its stunning views, great surfing opportunities and, perhaps most significantly, absolutely delicious fresh seafood!

The Atlantic Ocean, Morocco |  © hs-gestaltung/pixabay

Sun and surf

Dar Bouazza is merely half an hour (approximately 20 km) away from Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca. Unlike the beach in Casablanca, the one in Darb (as the locals call it) is clean, calm and full of surfers who love to brave the challenging waves of the Atlantic. The town is full of reasonably priced surf schools, so you can try your hand at surfing yourself for a decent price.

Scrumptious seafood

There are many trendy restaurants directly on the beach that offer yummy dishes featuring fresh fish. These include Babaloo, which also has a pool, beds on the beach, music and alcohol, and Sunny Beach, which offers delicious food complemented by amazing views, charming Mediterranean decor and, of course, music.

Platter of seafood, Morocco | © Benson Kua/Flickr

Although these great restaurants offer the whole package, if you’re after the most authentic experience, try stopping at one of the small fishermen carts that line the road to the beach. Here, they sell the oysters, crabs and other seafood that has been caught just hours ago. Sitting on a little table at the side of the road, with dogs passing by, kids running around, and the sound of waves in the background, you will definitely feel like a true traveller!

Little haven

People love Dar Bouazza for it’s authenticity – in this small town, everyone interacts with everyone else in the most friendly manner. It’s easy to make friends who you can enjoy a surfing lesson with, and perhaps a plate of calamari afterwards. What a treat!

View of the sea | © Eelke/Flickr

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