Wacky Happenings You'll Only Witness in Morocco

Goats peering out from the branches of an argan tree in Morocco |© www.twin-loc.fr / Flickr
Goats peering out from the branches of an argan tree in Morocco |© www.twin-loc.fr / Flickr
Morocco is located in North Africa and it is considered to be in emerging markets. The infrastructures in the country are always developing, like the creation of the fastest train ride in Africa, the biggest mall in Africa, and the second biggest mosque in the world. However, having a certain kind of culture and due to its geographic location, Morocco has a few scenarios that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Tree-climbing goats

Yes, that famous picture of goats climbing trees was indeed in Morocco. Goats climb on rock, on top of chairs, and they are great at eating diagonally on mountains. Generally, they are good climbers and they feed off of fruit that grows on Argan trees. I know, you’re probably thinking, trees, really? The answer is yes, they start by climbing slowly, and they also have good balance, so they can manage the long, small branches as well; they never fall and actually drop with royal grace.

Goats peering out from the branches of an argan tree in Morocco © www.twin-loc.fr / Flickr

Sheep on a bike

When it’s nearly Eid al Adha’s time, you will often see people buying sheep for the holy sacrifice.

If you didn’t know, this is a Muslim holiday when Allah appeared to Ibrahim while he was dreaming and asked him to kill his son Ismail in order to obey him. The devil tempted Ibrahim by saying he shouldn’t listen to Allah and spare his son. As Ibrahim was about to kill Ismail, Allah stopped him and gave him a sheep to sacrifice instead.

Around the time of Eid al Adha, everyone is looking for the perfect lamb to sacrifice, which they later cook for the whole family and eat for the rest of the month. The searching process can be interesting as everyone does what they can to transport the sheep to their home; some hire vans, some walk them home, and others…well, others would rather save the money and discomfort by transporting them on their motorbike.

Sheep By: Monica Guy Flickr

Camel heads in souks

Camels have always been important in Morocco, since they’ve been the main mode of transport in the country for centuries.

Moroccans started taking advantage of the fact that camels had milk, so they started consuming it, and then started doing the same with their meat. Nowadays, you will see a camel head hanging from a butcher’s wall in the medina, who will be offering camel meat to passers-by.

Camel butcher © James Merhebi

Traveling on a bus’s roof

This is not exactly legal, but you will see it on some occasions in Morocco if a bus is full.

Typically, this happens on a hot summer evening, or after a football match, when numerous young people try to get home at the same time and the bus is completely full. They will often chant along to a song they all know and make themselves noticed.