Top Surfing Spots Around Agadir

Surf tricks in Taghazout | © Eelke / Flickr
Surf tricks in Taghazout | © Eelke / Flickr
Photo of Sarah Williams
29 December 2017

Located along Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Agadir is known for its sandy beaches. The city and surrounding areas are also known for having some of the best surfing destinations in the country. After a day riding the waves, relax in a spa or enjoy the local nightlife. Here’s where to go for great surfing in and around Agadir.

Getting ready to hit the surf in Taghazout, Morocco | © Heather Cowper / Heather on her Travels


South of Agadir and close to Inezgane, Cherry’s right-hand reef break is suitable for beginners. Relatively uncrowded, the area hosts regular surfing competitions.

Surveying the surf conditions | © Hugh Lunnon / Flickr

Killers Beach

A very busy beach break close to the heart of Agadir, Killers Beach is easily accessible from the popular seaside city. A perfect place for beginners to practice and learn how to harness the power of the waves, the ride can be up to 800 metres on a good day.


Situated close to the small village of Awrir, KM12 is an intermediate-level wave that can be enjoyed during high tide.

Riding the waves near Agadir | © Heather Cowper / Heather on her Travels

Banana Point

Close to Tamraght, north of Agadir, in a small village now known as Banana Village, Banana Point is ideal for beginners who want to practice in an area that isn’t too crowded. The small beach is protected from the winds and the right-hand point break is long.

Devil’s Rock

Another break near Tamraght, Devil’s Rock is a fairly quiet beach break. Waves come from the left and right, but mainly from the right. Each day offers a different surfing experience here, and it’s better suited to intermediate-level surfers.

Brightly clad surfer in Morocco | © Hugh Lunnon / Flickr

Cro Cro

Cro Cro is a beach break near Tamraght with waves to both the right and left. Although more suitable for surfers with some experience, beginners and advanced surfers can also have fun here.

Anchor Point

Located in the fishing village of Taghazout, which is now a premier surfing destination in Morocco, Anchor Point is a popular spot for experienced surfers. The right-hand point break offers some incredible surfing where you can ride the wave for almost a kilometre. There are strong barrels in the middle of the wave and, on a good day, the high walls are thrilling.

Killer Point

One of the main surfing points in Taghazout, Killer Point is a right-hand point break. Ideal for advanced surfers, it can get fairly busy. The wave is often higher than you realise!

Outside one of Morocco’s surf shops | © Eelke / Flickr


A great sheltered point break in Taghazout, Panorama can be challenging. The fast wave can break for up to 500 metres, and occasionally the wave also offers barrels.

Hash Point

A right-hand point break in Taghazout, Hash Point is one of the best and most-relaxed waves in the area. Suitable for beginners, the wave rolls over sand and rocks; do be careful of jagged rocks while having fun in the water. It’s most reliable in the winter months.

Surfing in Morocco | © Hugh Lunnon / Flickr

La Source

Yet another Taghazout wave, La Source has mainly right-hand waves, though it is possible to experience some from the left too. The performance walls rise slowly, ideal for those who are just beginning to try their hand at surfing, and there are some faster sections that offer thrills for those who have a bit more experience.


Close to La Source, in Taghazout, Mysteries is a relaxed wave that breaks partially over sand and partly over rock, finishing up on the beach. You can surf for more than 300 metres.


North of Agadir and close to Tiguert, Boilers is a fairly popular right-hand reef break that can draw sizeable crowds due to its consistency. Watch out for sharp rocks and sea urchins and see if you can spot the shipwreck near the start of the wave.

Big waves in Morocco | © Pere Joan Adrover / Flickr


Dracula’s is a large point break near Tiguert. It has right-hand waves. Seen from some distance, the high wave can be surfed for some distance.


Close to Tiguert, Unicorns’ is generally quiet. The wave is quite challenging, and so this is a better surfing spot for advanced surfing fans. The reef break has right-hand waves, and the way in and out can be tough.

Desert Point

Also near Tiguert, Desert Point is a rocky right-hand reef break that is great for advanced surfers. It doesn’t get too busy here and, in the right conditions, it offers a long, thrilling ride.

Surf instruction near Agadir | © Heather Cowper / Heather on her Travels


While it might not be the biggest or the most exciting wave around Agadir, Tamri is the best place to surf when everywhere else is quite flat; you’ll almost always find a decent wave here during the surfing months (October to April). Tamri is located between Taghazout and Imsouane. The reef break has both left and right waves.


Cathedrals is a point break in Imsouane. It attracts medium-sized surfing enthusiasts, but the whole beach can sometimes be surfed, allowing people to spread out. Suitable for beginners, the sandy ocean floor offers few hazards if you tumble.

Magic Bay

Another great surfing spot in Insouane, Magic Bay is an awesome place with something for all levels of surfers. The different sections provide different surfing experiences and it boasts some of the longest waves in all of Africa.

Surfing near Agadir, Morocco | © Heather Cowper / Heather on her Travels

There are many terrific places to surf near Agadir, with Taghazout, Tamri, Imsouane, and Tiguert all within easy reach of the city if you want to add more to your Moroccan surfing experience.

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