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Top Spots for a Healthy Lunch in Rabat

Top Spots for a Healthy Lunch in Rabat

Picture of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer
Updated: 23 January 2018

In Rabat, the capital of Morocco, you can find many great restaurants for all tastes – from Italian and Mexican to African, Indian and much more! Here are our top spots to enjoy a healthy lunch in Rabat.

Les Épices

This restaurant serves Mexican, Indian and African food in the most colorful setting, to the sound of lively music that will make you want to dance. Here you can choose between a variety of spicy dishes: tikka masala, chicken thiep (a famous dish from Senegal), quesadillas and much more. If you go with a group, you can each order a dish from a different cuisine and try all the different flavors.

Les Épices, 11 Avenue Al Atlas, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5376 86323


This amazing Italian restaurant offers some crazy deals with their Menu Malin, a menu that includes half a pizza of your choice, half a portion of a salad of your choice, and your choice of dessert, either tarte Tatin or chocolate and pear crumble. This is the perfect spot to have lunch on a sunny day, as they have a spacious and cute terrace where you can enjoy the good weather.

O’Goethe, 26 Avenue Oqba Ibn Naafi, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5376 82184

Naga Thaï

This Thai restaurant is beautifully decorated and more on the fancy side. Here you are guaranteed a menu that will satisfy all your needs, with garlic calamari, curry seafood, coconut milk and lychee, spring rolls, wok meals and many more delicious dishes. For dessert, opt for a sumptuous cheesecake, or a lemon and ginger cake.

Naga Thaï, Avenue Annakhil, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5301 09060

Il Giardino

This Italian restaurant might not be too well-known in the city but it’s very popular among locals and those who know it. Located in the Italian Cultural Institute, it has an amazing terrace that one can enjoy on a Sunday afternoon while eating delicious homemade pizza or seafood pasta. Here you can find all the Italian classics that will certainly not disappoint.

Il Giardino, 2 bis e, Avenue Ahmed Lyazidi, Rabat, Morocco, +212 6498 96880