Top spots for a healthy lunch in Casablanca

Spinach, Chicken Salad l Pexels
Spinach, Chicken Salad l Pexels
Casablanca is the largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is the perfect place to find healthy lunch spots, as there are always new restaurants opening. Here are the top restaurants for a healthy lunch in Casablanca!


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Sauteed vegetables and noodles
Sauteed vegetables and noodles | © Nitr/Shutterstock

Veggie is a delicious vegan and vegetarian restaurant where you’ll find the usual veggie burger, sandwich, salad , etc., but also amazing soups and gourmet desserts. Veggie is in the centre of Casablanca, near the Twin Center, and it is very accessible by public transportation or by foot, if you’re in the area. The décor feeds the healthy atmosphere; completely wooden and green, with plants everywhere.

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Organic Kitchen

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Organic Kitchen is in the Anfa area, a trendy neighbourhood with many cool restaurants. Here, diners will find vegan and vegetarian dishes in the most relaxed and chilled atmosphere, complete with wooden floors and walls with hanging plants, comfy chairs and a friendly staff. On their way out, patrons can buy organic fruit and vegetables that are straight from the producer, which is definitely an original touch. Organic Kitchen is pricier, but it’s worth the experience.
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Spinach and chicken salad
Spinach and chicken salad | © Kaboompics/Pexels
Khos offers Casablanca a new healthy-eating concept; customers can go on the Khos website and order a homemade meal, which they can then pick up from the restaurant or have it delivered to their home. Of course, you can also go to the restaurant, which is nicely decorated, or stop by one of their stands at Carrefour Gourmet in Anfa. You’ll find all kinds of healthy options on the menu, including marinated carrots and potatoes, wraps and a brunch with eggs Benedict, salmon and toast.
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