Top Souks in Meknes

Tagines and pottery for sale in Meknes | ©  DanielWanke/Pixabay
Tagines and pottery for sale in Meknes | © DanielWanke/Pixabay
Photo of Sarah Williams
11 December 2017

Meknes is one of Morocco’s old imperial cities but, unlike Marrakech, Fez, and Rabat, it sees relatively few visitors. A good base for exploring the fascinating Berber and Roman ruins of Volubilis and home to splendid architecture and many historic attractions, Meknes also has some good souks for those who want to browse and pick up souvenirs.

Although the souks of Meknes aren’t the liveliest in the country, you’ll still find a good array of traditional Moroccan wares and, an added bonus, the prices are generally a bit lower than those in more touristy destinations. Add these markets in Meknes to your travel itinerary.

Souk Lmenzeh

Attracting more locals than tourists, Souk Lmenzeh has a large selection of bicycle and vehicle parts, as well as many tools and items needed for home maintenance and DIY projects. You’ll also find home furnishings in various states of repair, household goods, ornamental items, and general bric-a-brac. There is a combination of new and used items.

Market in Meknes | © Adam Jones/Flickr

Souk Sehb Mabrouka

A small open-air souk just outside the main heart of the city, Souk Sehb Mabrouka has a large selection of second-hand clothing and other used goods. Popular with locals looking for lower-priced items, the souk sees few tourists. While you may not want to buy anything, Souk Sehb Mabrouka offers the chance to see an authentic Moroccan flea market.

Marche Central

Marche Central, known in English as the Central Market, is located in the newer part of the city, Ville Nouvelle. Easy to reach from the historic heart, it is popular with locals and visitors alike. The market sells an array of goods, from clothing to household items, from cookware to fresh produce, and from souvenirs to shisha pipes. It is mainly, however, a place for people to buy vegetables, meat, dry goods, olives, and flowers. Navigating the market is fairly easy as the stalls are well organised, but it can be very crowded and busy.

Busy market, Meknes | © James Byrum/Flickr

El Hedim Square

The narrow streets around El Hedim Square are brimming with an array of items. Clothing, footwear, bags, and other accessories are sprawled across stalls and hang from crowded displays. Household items, both practical and decorative, are available in abundance, including pottery, tea sets, crockery, tagine pots, carpets, cushion covers, mirrors, lamps, and more. There’s also a large selection of kids’ toys and gimmicky items. This is perhaps the best souk in the city for finding an assortment of souvenirs and trinkets. Around the edges of the actual square you’ll also find several food and juice sellers.

Twarkh Market

Twarkh Market is located near Rue Rahal Meskini. With an assortment of vegetables and fruit available, it is often bustling with locals stocking up on their daily supplies. Mornings are especially busy. This could be a great place to visit if you have recently taken a cooking class and want to try your hand at making some authentic Moroccan fare. Prices are reasonable and the quality is good.

Spices in Meknes | © robc3/Flickr

Marche Mellah

Situated in the old Jewish quarter of the city, Marche Mellah is a typical neighbourhood souk. Colourful displays of fresh and dry produce are arranged on stalls, and there are vendors of meats, olives, spices, bread, and other food. Clothing can also be found, usually traditional items like djebellas, kaftans, and head scarves, as well as useful stuff for the home.

A donkey squeezing through the medina, Meknes | © fredsharples/Flickr

Vegetable Souk and Fish Souk

Although the Vegetable Souk and the Fish Souk are separate markets, they sit adjacent to each other, making it easy to visit both at the same time. They can be found between the mellah (old Jewish area) and Meknes Museum. As the names suggest, they mainly trade in vegetables, fruit, fish, and seafood.

Colourful vegetables and fruits in Morocco | © torkil/Pixabay

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