The Top Art Galleries and Art Spaces in Agadir, Morocco

Moroccan tiling, henna, and beads | © rosscainsphotography/Pixabay
Moroccan tiling, henna, and beads | © rosscainsphotography/Pixabay
Agadir, Morocco’s southern coastal city, is a perfect destination for beach lovers and one of the nation’s best places for surfing. With a decent selection of things to see and do, it attracts international tourists and domestic holidaymakers alike – and the art enthusiasts certainly aren’t forgotten. Here are the top art spots in Agadir where they can admire stunning works on display.

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Le Sous-Sol Art Gallery

Art Gallery
Founded by Jemia Kamal Semlali, Le Sous-Sol Art Gallery exhibits pieces by Moroccan artists or foreign expats who live in Morocco. The contemporary work is very diverse, with the only real common thread being that the artists all have a strong connection with Morocco. However, pieces that have some cultural aspects are favoured. The bare white walls provide the perfect neutral background for the art to stand out and shine. Items are regularly changed, which keeps the gallery fresh and interesting.
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Galerie Nosarts

Art Gallery
Moroccan art
Moroccan art | © Dickelbers/WikiCommons
Galerie Nosarts is located close to Mohammed V Mosque. One of the most popular galleries in Agadir, it regularly changes its collections and displays a wide array of works from different artists. It also regularly hosts themed exhibitions, and sometimes focuses on the works of individuals, spotlighting both prominent and up-and-coming Moroccan painters.
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Memoire D’Agadir

Located at the corner of the Olhao Garden, Memoire D’Agadir is dedicated to the devastating earthquake that destroyed most of Agadir in 1960. It remembers those who perished and those who lost everything during the natural disaster. There is also a large collection of pictures and photographs showing Agadir before and immediately after the catastrophe. The pieces are arranged on the walls and on large wooden stands.
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Bijouterie Musée Sevilla

Bijouterie Musée Sevilla displays and sells a wide selection of stunning jewellery. Even if you’re not interested in actually making a purchase, it’s still a fantastic place for any gem lover to visit simply to admire the well-crafted, gleaming pieces. Tastefully arranged, you’ll find an array of metals and stones, both precious and semi-precious, among the designs.

Bijouterie Musée Sevilla, Avenue Hassan II, Agadir, Morocco

B.O. Art & Design

B.O. Art & Design was set up by three Moroccan artists: Omar Brouzi, Rachid Bakkar and Hafid Marbou. The attractive gallery displays their various works. Brouzi is a contemporary artist from the Moroccan city of Kenitra. He mainly focuses on sculptures, using a variety of old and new materials to create thought-provoking pieces. Painters Bakkar and Marbou were both born in nearby Tiznit. The three artists also teach art in Agadir.

B.O. Art & Design, 8 Oulhadj, Avenue Sidi Abdellah Ben Hssein, Agadir, Morocco

Tagadirt Appart-Hotel

Tagadirt Appart-Hotel displays a great selection of artwork in its lobby. Stately and elegant portraits of former Moroccan leaders peer down from the walls, with brief explanations about each picture provided. There are also attractive works of art scattered throughout the resort. The hotel is located close to the marina and the beach.

Tagadirt Appart-Hotel, Bd Du 20 Août, Agadir, Morocco

Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa

Resort, Chain Hotel, Spa Hotel, Hotel
Views from the ocean back across the sands to the Hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa
Views from the ocean back across the sands to the Hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa | © Buonasera / Wikimedia Commons

Another Agadir hotel that boasts a beautiful collection of artwork is the luxurious Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa. The establishment has an onsite art gallery that showcases a wide variety of paintings, photographs, and sculptures from modern artists.

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