The Most Notable Art Galleries in El Jadida

Art in El Jadida, Morocco | © Pierre / Flickr
Art in El Jadida, Morocco | © Pierre / Flickr
Photo of Sarah Williams
19 September 2017

Situated along Morocco’s Atlantic coast, El Jadida is a pretty seaside town. The town’s diverse attractions, historic sites, coastal vistas, and scenes of local life have inspired local and visiting artists for many years. Art enthusiasts should also check out these three places when exploring El Jadida.

Galerie 104

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Artistic Moroccan designs
Artistic Moroccan designs | © Carlos ZGZ / Flickr
The shop-cum-showroom of Galerie 104 sits next to the fancy Hotel Royal. It contains a variety of arty items, most of which are available to buy. There are paintings, antiques, handmade items of furniture, crafts, ornaments, and trinkets among the collections. Occasionally, the gallery displays works by fairly well-known names on the Moroccan arts scene, for example Mustapha Amnaine. As well as being a great place to view diverse art, the gallery could also be a great place for art aficionados to buy some unique and unusual souvenirs to take home from El Jadida.

Galerie Chaibia Talal

Art Gallery, Building
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Named after a female Moroccan artist who was born close to El Jadida, Galerie Chaibia Talal is located within the old Portuguese City. The gallery displays temporary collections that cover diverse themes; there are no permanent exhibits. Displays may include paintings, posters, photography, and other visual art forms. Works may be by both Moroccan and international artists. Workshops are occasionally held at the gallery. The historic building is atmospheric, with the art pieces adding to the ambience.

Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort

Resort, Spa Hotel, Golf Hotel, Hotel
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A stunning luxury hotel that incorporates many artistic elements in its design, the Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort was designed by the same people who brought the world-famous Atlantis Hotel in Dubai to the world. A stylish and modern hotel that maximises traditional Moroccan details, there are many beautiful pieces of artwork throughout the resort. Additionally, temporary art exhibitions and installations are sometimes hosted at the high-class resort, giving art lovers even more to celebrate.

Other ways to enjoy art in El Jadida

As with many of Morocco’s smaller towns, art galleries aren’t particularly abundant in El Jadida. That doesn’t mean that art-loving travellers won’t find plenty of visual beauty to appreciate, though; there are many interesting buildings in El Jadida, lots of which boast striking designs and décor. Mohamed V Park has a number of interesting statues, and some of the local museums have artwork among their exhibits. Artisanat Marocain is a top place to watch local artisans at work, producing an assortment of traditional items using skills and crafts that have been handed down from generation to generation. El Jadida’s Afifi Theatre is the town’s main centre for various performing arts.

Artistic architectural details in El Jadida | © Mzximvs VdB / Flickr

The nearby town of Azemmour has lots of fascinating street art; if time allows, take a trip along the coast and explore another Portuguese-era fortress town, complete with eye-catching graffiti and public art. Oualidia, another close town, has an artists’ retreat and a handful of small galleries and studios.