The Best Moroccan Restaurants In Casablanca

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9 February 2017

Morocco’s commercial capital boasts a gastronomical scene that encompasses not only traditional Moroccan favorites, but exotic international options too. It is certainly tempting to get sucked into the Asian, Spanish, and Italian locales, but it is also crucial to try traditional Moroccan delights, which include couscous, tajine, and kefta. Read on to find out more about the best Moroccan restaurants in Casablanca.

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La Sqala

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Couscous with meatballs
Couscous with meatballs | © jeffreyw/Flickr
Tucked into the ochre walls of an 18th-century fortified bastion north of the centre, this delightful and charming restaurant offers an escape from the bustling city. With a rustic interior and a stunning garden full of beautiful flowers, La Sqala is a haven of tranquility. Offering typical Moroccan specialties, from tajines to couscous, guests will also be able to try some authentic Moroccan tea. In the Andalusian inspired garden, guests can enjoy live entertainment, which livens up the atmosphere.

Dar Beida

Offering a positively touristy experience, Dar Beida features bellydancers as well as oriental orchestras who never fail to provide a vibrant atmosphere while guests enjoy traditional cuisine. Dar Beida is as much about the ambiance and experience as it is about the food. Offering different regional flavors and culinary traditions, guests can enjoy the plentiful dishes on offer. Specializing in tajines and couscous, guests can get a truly authentic culinary experience here.
Address: Hyatt Regency Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco

Al Mounia

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Moroccan bastilla
Moroccan bastilla | © kochtopf / WikiCommons
At Al Mounia, visitors can enjoy some of the best Moroccan food in the city in a fantastic traditional restaurant. Guests are invited to sit in the authentic Moroccan salon, complete with beautiful tiles and magnificent sculpted wood, or alternatively, relax in the oasis that is the leafy and exotic garden. Al Mounia dishes up the traditional favorites, including all types of tajine and cous cous dishes, but also the less known specialties, including pigeon pastilla (now often made with beef rather than pigeon).

Le Riad

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A traditional Moroccan restaurant, much less touristy than the rest, Le Riad offers a friendly and characterful dining experience with delicious food culminating in a relaxing and enjoyable meal. With a simple yet pleasing menu, at a pleasing price too, Le Riad serves omelets, fish, tajines, and meat dishes. For a warm welcome and an experience somewhat reminiscent of entering a Moroccan home, Le Riad is a perfect place to go with both family and friends.

La Fibule

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Moroccan bastilla | © Stephen Webster / Flickr
Boasting a romantic and inviting setting, with warm, autumnal colors and an elegant interior, La Fibule creates a relaxing and homely environment in which guests can feast on both Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine, complemented by a beautiful and captivating ocean view. As well as its traditional food and decor, the restaurant sometimes entertains guests with folk music to complete the experience. A perfect place to experience true Moroccan hospitality and cuisine.


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Moroccan vegetable soup with couscous
Moroccan vegetable soup with couscous | © Jennifer / WikiCommons
Ideally located in La Corniche beach region of Casablanca in the Val d’Anfa Hotel, Basmane is deemed one of the best for traditional cuisine, especially tajine. Guests can feast on the typical Moroccan fare whilst also taking in the intricate woodwork and beautiful mosaics. The welcoming dining rooms feature candles and flowers, and stunning colors of ocher, red and blue. Not only do the food and decor provide a culturally immersive experience, the restaurant also features a gimbri lute player, and a tbal drum player along with dancers to complete the atmosphere.

Zayna Restaurant

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Seafood bastilla | © Hicham Souilmi / Flickr
Located in the modern part of town, Zayna Restaurant offers Moroccan specialties at a very desirable price. As well as serving tajine and couscous dishes, Zayna Restaurant also offers delicacies such as chicken pita and lamb kefta. This delightful little restaurant has pleased visitors from all over the world for over eight years – its immense popularity attests to its incredible cuisine.