The Best-Kept Secrets Of Marrakech, Morocco

Tiz n'Tishka Pass, High Atlas Mountains |Courtesy of Shawna Burhans Photography
Tiz n'Tishka Pass, High Atlas Mountains |Courtesy of Shawna Burhans Photography
Photo of Maria Menegaki
9 February 2017

Offering a taste of Africa within easy reach of Europe, Marrakech is the most popular travel destination in Morocco. While you will probably visit the ancient Medina and the modern Gueliz while you’re here, there is much more to see and do. We list a few of Marrakech’s secrets.

Tiz n'Tishka Pass, High Atlas Mountains | Courtesy of Shawna Burhans Photography

The Jewish past

Learn about the history of the city from the Jews’ perspective, visit the local market, wander through Miaara, Morocco’s largest Jewish cemetery, discover some impressive synagogues and dare to get lost; you will be surprised by the unexpected things of interest and curiosity you will come across.
Mellah, Marrakech

Tiskiwin Museum

Tiskiwin Museum is home to Moroccan artifacts and exhibits ranging from carpets and sculptures to jewelry and musical instruments with each room representing a caravan stop along the ancient Saharan route from Marrakech to Timbuktu.

Camel, outskirts of Marrakech | Courtesy of Shawna Burhans

Restored Riads

Traditional homes with a courtyard converted into modern hotels can be found all over the city. Even though you may visit a lot of riads during your trip, there are some hidden ones which you can only discover by walking through the narrow streets of the Medina.

Marrakech by Air

Marrakech by air invites you to a safe, peaceful flight you can enjoy either individually or in a group. Wake up at sunrise, watch the hot air balloon preparation and inflation and climb in to float where the wind takes you for almost an hour of stunning landscape views.
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In the Medina, Marrakech | Courtesy of Shawna Burhans

Street Art

Street art in the city is a common sight, making the quest to spot the pieces a rather easy and fun one. Search the city for the colored walls and doors that have become a canvas for local artists.

Dead Tree Sculptures

The art scene in the city is on the rise bringing new surprises over the years. Along with the graffiti, some of the most captivating things to see are Dead Tree Sculptures in the modern area of Gueliz marrying art with nature in the most inspired way.

Jemaa el-Fnaa Marketplace | Courtesy of Shawna Burhans

Al Nour

Al Nour is a social enterprise for handicapped female artisans where you will find hand-embroidered clothing and home textiles of the highest quality. Visit Al Nour to view the wonderful collection of household linens and purchase some amazing gifts for your loved ones to support the cooperative.

Jemaa el-Fnaa Marketplace | Courtesy of Shawna Burhans

The Berber Culture

You can’t leave the country without experiencing the living, well preserved culture of the Berbers; the people indigenous to North Africa. Most of today’s Berbers live in the mountains and valleys of the country. Either in terms of a tour or not, take a day off from Marrakech to visit a Berber village and meet some friendly locals to learn about their lives and customs.