The Best Independent Bookstores in El Jadida

Views over El Jadida | © Wikimedia Commons
Views over El Jadida | © Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Sarah Williams
24 September 2017

Reading isn’t generally a hugely popular pastime in Morocco, and so bookstores can be few and far between. Although options are limited, and books are printed mainly in Arabic or French, here are some of the best independent bookshops in the historic seaside town of El Jadida.

Librairie de Paris

A fairly large and modern bookshop in the heart of the town centre, Librairie de Paris stocks a range of books in the French language. Fiction books for children and adults, covering different genres, can be found on the shelves, along with literature from around the world. There is also an extensive selection of non-fiction books on diverse themes, including cookery, science, history, art, health, and spirituality.

Librairie de Paris, 112, bd. Mohamed V, El Jadida +212 5233-51368

New Library

New Library is located close to Theatre Afifi, the beach, and the port. It has a wide selection of books in Arabic. Fiction and non-fiction books are stocked. Do note that many bookshops in Morocco are referred to as a library, which can be a cause of confusion; this stems from the French influence in Morocco and the fact that librairie translates as bookshop.

New Library, Avenue Mohamed V, El Jadida +212 5233-41519

Abir Librairie Papeterie

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Abir Librairie Papeterie is situated close to the old Portuguese City and many of El Jadida’s main tourist attractions. Book lovers can peruse a well-ordered range of books, with a choice hardbacks and paperbacks written in both French and Arabic. Fiction and non-fiction works are sold. The store also sells school and office supplies, such as pens and pencils, notebooks, rulers, and so on. Book signings, talks on varied topics, and other literary-focused events are sometimes hosted in the shop.

New Arabic Library

As the name implies, New Arabic Library sells books written in the Arabic language. It is especially popular with students. Diverse topics are covered by the numerous titles, with academic books, stories, and reference books found on the shelves.

New Arabic Library, 1,2 Place Al Hansali, El Jadida +212 5233-41519

Other places to buy books in El Jadida

Stationery stores, such as Librairie Iqrae and Librairie Aya, often have a limited selection of books and comics. Supermarkets sometimes have a few books too. You may also find specialist-interest books in local museums and art galleries. The thriving markets, especially those that sell second-hand items, can also be great places to find rare and unusual books.