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Agadir Market, Morocco|© Dave White/Flickr
Agadir Market, Morocco|© Dave White/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Agadir, Morocco

Picture of Rebecca Wilkinson
Updated: 9 February 2017
Agadir, a stunning seaside city in Morocco, boasts fantastic sights and activities to please the large crowds of tourists who flock here to enjoy its idyllic location. Among these are numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants which serve traditional Moroccan, as well as international cuisine. Read on to find out about 10 of the best restaurants in this seaside haven.
Agadir, Morocoo |© Pixabay
Agadir, Morocoo | © Pixabay
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La Madrague

This chic and contemporary restaurant with un-rivalled marina views is one of the most popular seaside restaurants in Agadir. Boasting a refreshing and sophisticated interior, guests can really relax whilst feasting on some of the finest seafood. For fish of all kinds, almost caught before your very eyes, La Madrague is a highly recommended choice. Enjoy the fresh coastal breeze whilst dining al fresco on the beautiful terrace, or while admiring the tasteful interior.

Address: Agadir 80000, Morocco, +212 5288-42424

La Madrague, Agadir |© derosieres/Flickr
La Madrague, Agadir | © derosieres/Flickr
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Bamboo Thai

Agadir’s best Asian restaurant, Bamboo Thai is a restaurant renowned for its authentic Thai atmosphere, admirable customer service, and the most delicious and high quality Asian dishes. The restaurant offers a space where guests can tuck into plates of fresh spring rolls among other options, and enjoy a welcome alternative to traditional Moroccan cuisine. Bamboo Thai pays as much attention to its ambiance as it does to the quality of its food, with a peaceful terrace outside, and a candle lit, romantic feel inside.

Address: Imm. Hasna Av. Hassan Ii, Agadir 80000, Morocco, +212 5288-42108

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Au Parasol Bleu

With an ideal location right on the scenic and tranquil marina, visitors can enjoy some of the finest French inspired cuisine, very fitting in a country whose second language is French, and has a rich history surrounding French Colonialism. For the complete French experience in possibly the most popular area of Agadir, Au Parasol Bleu is a fantastic place, offering a great alternative to tajines and cous cous. Helpful and friendly staff characterize this restaurant, in particular the owner, which makes the French experience all the more delightful.

Address: ‪Marina d’Agadir, Agadir, Morocco,+212 5288-48744

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Pure Passion

One of the newest additions to the marina restaurant scene, the aptly named Pure Passion is a restaurant renowned for making the chefs’ passion for cooking known. Good quality food is celebrated daily at Pure Passion, and complemented by the finest wine selection. Guests can be sure they are getting fresh, high quality dishes, with a wide variety to choose from – everything from soups, fish dishes, meat dishes, pastas, and of course a tempting dessert menu is offered.

Address: Secteur Touristique, Agadir, Morocco +212 5288-40120

Le P’tit dome

Serving the best of Moroccan cuisine, from tajine to cous cous and, of course, olives – a Moroccan favorite – guests can experience a truly traditional dining experience gourmet style. Forget street food, try some tasty and flavorsome Moroccan cuisine cooked to the highest quality in a sophisticated environment. Le P’tit Dome does well to maintain a name for itself given its location in the popular tourist area, and that is probably down to its excellent service, top notch cuisine, and great value for money.

Address: Boulevard du 20 Aout, Agadir, Morocco

Agadir Restaurant | © Calin Chiorean/Flickr
Agadir Restaurant | © Calin Chiorean/Flickr
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El Toro

For those who want a change from traditional French and Moroccan cuisine, El Toro might be the answer. The restaurant serves a delicious range of Spanish delicacies, right in the heart of Agadir. Whilst the French have a great deal of influence and history in Morocco, Spain, given its proximity, has also made its mark on the country, meaning El Toro is an ideal place to tuck into some Spanish favorites, from tortilla to paella. Located on the beautiful seaside promenade, El Toro complements its inviting menu with an unbeatable location.

Address: ‪No 7 Front de Mer, Agadir 80000, Morocco, +212 528845856

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Taj Mahal

Housed in the Atlantic Palace Resort, this majestically decorated restaurant, Taj Mahal, earns its name by offering guests a luxurious dining experience. Surrounded by grand walls, ornate ceilings, and golden decorations, the Taj Mahal restaurant invites guests into its ballroom-like, spacious dining area to feast on some delicious dishes. Not only that, there are entertaining shows every Saturday, featuring acrobats, jugglers, and even snake charmers. So for a very unique, magical dining experience, the Taj Mahal certainly offers guests all that plus more.

Address: Atlantic Palace, 80000 Agadir, +212 5288-24146

Tapis Rouge, Morocco |© derosieres/Flickr
Tapis Rouge, Morocco | © derosieres/Flickr
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Tapis Rouge

Otherwise known as Little Norway, Tapis Rouge pleases guests with its high quality food and excellent service. Friendly but non-intrusive waiters readily serve top-notch food to happy customers who often have difficulty deciding which dish to choose. This charming little gem of a restaurant, located just off the back of the beach, is an excellent choice for those looking for something not directly on the waterfront, and want a meal which never disappoints in quality.

Address: ‪Complexe Tamlelt, Agadir 80000, Morocco +212 73 800 310

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Au Pool Lounge

Located in the luxury Sofitel Hotel, Au Pool Lounge continues the theme of luxury and sophistication, inviting guests onto its comfortable outdoor lounges to relax by the calming pool. Enjoy some food cooked directly from the outdoor grills at a restaurant specializing in high quality, fresh seafood, with shellfish arriving directly from the local catch of the day. The fresh fish is complemented by locally sourced fresh vegetables, making for a healthy and authentic meal. Now featuring a deluxe menu, guests can enjoy low calorie gourmet dishes, as well as special dishes for unique dietary requirements.

Address: Baie des Palmiers, Cité Founty P5, Secteur touristique, Agadir 80010, Morocco, +212 5288-49200

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An international restaurant on the idyllic marina, Havana has a little bit of everything, with a varied menu which even features Cuban cigars to enjoy after your meal. Guests are invited into the cozy and atmospheric interior to feast on some tempting dishes, or welcomed onto the terrace to enjoy a salsa dance. Open morning, noon, and evening, Havana is popular all day, almost never displaying an empty terrace. Head inside for the more elaborate cuisine, including creative deserts, and outside for a light breakfast or lunch. If the food isn’t tempting enough, Havana also has live Cuban music every night.

Address: Marina, Agadir 80000, Morocco, +212 528846541