The 10 Best Restaurants In Rabat, Morocco

Photo of Agaila Abba
9 February 2017

Rabat, Morocco’s capital, has ancient pre-17th century architecture and colonial streets that have earned it UNESCO World Heritage Site status, and visitors who make the effort to discover the city’s charms are richly rewarded. Rabat’s foodie scene is also diverse as our updated guide to 10 stand-out city restaurants proves.

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Le Dhow

Both a lounge and a restaurant located in the docked of Kasbah Oudayas, Le Dhow is a vintage boat with history dating back to the 17th century. Nowadays, it is an elegant dining room offering guests authentic French cuisine accompanied by live bands, karaoke and DJs.

Le Dhow Restaurant / courtesy Le Dhow Restaurant

Art Patio

Art Patio’s aim is to introduce the best of Spain to Rabat. With its Spanish atmosphere and a lounge and restaurant, the place offers authentic tapas dishes. Along with its exciting menu, Art Patio provides its visitors with live performances from different local Andaluz bands and Flamenco dance groups in their lounge.


Known for its modern art décor villa, the Cosmopolitan brings the finest French cuisine to Rabat. Located across the street from ramparts of Rabat and close to Bab Rouah, the Gate of the Winds, the Cosmopolitan offers refined dishes that have been carefully crafted by its chef. The desserts are a particular highlight, transporting diners from Rabat to the streets of Paris with the classic French flavors and textures.

Dar Naji

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Dar Naji brings Marrakech’s tearoom style of décor to Rabat. Take a seat on the terrace where you can enjoy a traditional light meal in the company of family and friends, while people-watching over Rabat’s lively streets. Located in the centre of Rabat and next to Bab Al Had, Dar Naji’s reputation has brought visitors from all over to enjoy the variety of authentic Moroccan dishes and the famous Moroccan mint tea.


Dinarjat is one of the most magical restaurants in Rabat and is considered to be one of the best dining places when it comes to traditional Moroccan cuisine. In Dinarjat, guests have the unusual opportunity to choose their own dishes made with local ingredients straight from local market, from couscous to tagines.

La Menora

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Located in the heart of Rabat close to the main metro station, La Menora has a Spanish-Moorish vibe. It is a classic place where visitors can either sit in its indoor area or its Moroccan style patio and have the chance to taste its speciality of grilled dishes.

Le Ziryab

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Le Ziryab
Le Ziryab | Courtesy Le Ziryab
Le Ziryab is popular thanks to its elegant Moroccan architecture and interior design. Guests are welcomed by one of Le Ziryab’s staff carrying a jar of rosewater and a towel to offer to guests to wash their hands before the start of their dining experience. This is a gesture that forms an essential part of Morocco culture. When it comes to the menu, guests can expect Moroccan staples, perfectly created.


Respected for its high quality ingredients and seafood, Samaky is located in the historical part of Rabat. Its simple yet elegant indoor and outdoor is decorated with arts and crafts from local Moroccan artists, creating a relaxing backdrop for diners to enjoy the simplicity of authentic Moroccan cuisine.

Courtesy Samaky

Ty Potes

Ty Potes is a joint restaurant and grocery store. Its store provides customers with imported products from France, such as cheese and other Gallic delicacies. When it comes to its dining experience, Ty Potes’ casual and colorful interior design and garden patio set the scene for guests to enjoy light dishes like the mixed global tapas.

Yamal Acham

In keeping with its traditional Middle Eastern name, which refers to the ‘Beauty of Syria’ in Arabic, Yamal Acham is decorated in a lavish Arabic red and golden décor. Its friendly and warm atmosphere allows guests to appreciate a menu that consists of a selection of Syrian cuisine, such as kebabs and shawarmas.