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Outspoken Elegance: Refinery29 on Morocco's Eclectic Expats
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Outspoken Elegance: Refinery29 on Morocco's Eclectic Expats

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Refinery29 explores the exotic and diverse city of Tangier, a port city in Morocco that has long been a place of freedom and exploration for the creatives drawn to it. Their ‘Style Out There’ series looks at the colourful and eclectic style of it’s expat community, embracing the old and the new in this every-changing city. The lush traditional Moroccan fabrics and indulgent sensibility of the city have influenced their personal style in myriad ways: as famous antiques dealer Adbul Majid Rais El Fenni says, you don’t choose Tangier, it chooses you.

Every week, we’ll be publishing a video from Refinery29’s insightful and inspiring ‘Style Out There’ series, in which they broaden our horizons with intimate portrayals of style abroad.