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Camel in Morocco | © Carlos ZGZ / Flickr
Camel in Morocco | © Carlos ZGZ / Flickr

How Camels Are Integrated in Moroccan Labour

Picture of Sarah Williams
Updated: 30 July 2017
Nicknamed Ships of the Desert, camels have been a vital commodity for desert-living groups for hundreds of years. The only animal capable of surviving in the harsh conditions with little food and water for days on end, yet still remain hardy enough to work, traders and nomadic groups in Morocco have relied on camels for a long time. While camel riding is a popular activity for tourists visiting Morocco today, here’s how camels play an important role in Morocco’s workforce.

Transportation of People

Although camels are known for being quite stubborn and difficult at times, if they are handled and treated well they can be very loyal to their human companions. Historically, camels have been used as transportation for people undertaking long and grueling journeys through the arid Sahara Desert. Nomadic groups and people who live close to the desert still use camels to get around today.

Berber man with his camel in the desert