What To Wear When Traveling To Marrakech

© George Hodan / Public Domain Pictures
© George Hodan / Public Domain Pictures
Photo of Mandy Sinclair
23 June 2017

With hot summer days and chilly winter evenings, packing for a trip to Marrakech can be tricky. As daytime temperatures climb above 40ºC between June to September, it’s tempting to want to throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, perfectly acceptable attire for men. During the winter months, while temperatures rise to a comfortable 25ºC during the day, once the sun sets you’ll want a warm jacket, socks and even a pair of boots for heading out. In this guide, we provide tips on what to pack when heading to Marrakech.

Maxi dress

Wandering through the medina, and also in nearby the seaside towns of Essaouira and Oualidia, a maxi dress is a must-have for women in Marrakech. Long and flowy, some prefer to cover one’s shoulders. Stop by Max & Jan or Norya aryoN’s boutique inside Le Jardin for local styles of gandouras and kaftans that are perfect for daytime strolls or evenings on the terrace having sunset drinks. The styles are colorful and loose, perfect for those hot Marrakech days.

Bermuda shorts

For men, Bermuda shorts are ideal when the temperatures soar. The perfect length for wandering through the old city, they transition perfectly for evenings in the new city of Gueliz at the stylish Le Grand Café de la Poste. Shop locally for a great selection at Topolina where the shorts and shoes are made using vintage and vintage-inspired prints in a variety of colors and patterns.


Trousers, known locally as sarouel, are traditionally made of cotton, with a loose fit and typically elasticized waist and cuffs. The pants are perfect for hot summer days and paired with a t-shirt, and are available throughout the medina. But when packing, don’t forget your linen pants, they’ll be a staple item!


With more than 300 days of sunshine in Marrakech you will want to pack a hat to protect your eyes in particular from the bold rays. But don’t worry if you don’t have one: many restaurants provide a straw hat for guests soaking up the sun on the terraces, while street vendors pass frequently with budget-friendly, if not so style-friendly fedoras. On that note, you’ll want to remember your sunglasses as well!

Stylish handbag

Forget your fanny pack, it’s all about the trendy basket. And if you don’t have one prior to arrival, you’ll find a wide selection in the spice square, also known locally as Rahba Lakdima, where the sizes and styles vary. Pick up a colorful sequined basket or have something hand-stitched while you wait. You’ll need it to tote around your souk treasures and finds.

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The essential accessory when travelling in Morocco! Wrap it around your shoulders while wandering through traditional neighborhoods or to protect your skin from the sun’s powerful rays. Go boho and tie it into a trendy headscarf before posing for a selfie. Wrap up as the sun sets and the temperatures cool in the evening. But don’t worry if you forget to pack one, the selection is abundant throughout the medina, with pashmina available or a woven scarf prepared on a loom in a tiny studio.

Sandals for daytime, closed-toed shoes for evening

While exploring the sights and soaking up the sounds of the medina, be sure to pack a pair of sturdy sandals. Thong sandals may not be so comfortable in the old city where tiny alleyways are uneven. Come evening, women will want a pair of heels, while men will want closed-toed shoes if you plan to dance the night away at Le Comptoir or dine in style at Bo&Zin.

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