Exploring Marrakech's El Badi Palace Through 17 Instagrams

El Badi Palace, Marrakech | © elyob / Flickr
El Badi Palace, Marrakech | © elyob / Flickr
Photo of Sarah Williams
20 October 2017

Morocco’s old imperial city of Marrakech is filled with fascinating and striking places of historical interest. One such photographer’s dream is the atmospheric now-ruined site of a former grand beauty, El Badi Palace. Take a visual journey of discovery through the historic palace and admire the details with these fabulous Instagram images.

Outside the palace

A banner displaying the vibrant red background and green stars of Morocco’s flag hangs over an alleyway outside the high, imposing walls of Marrakech’s Badi Palace.

Man strolling past the palace

A local man in traditional Moroccan attire walks past the towering sand-coloured walls of El Badi Palace.

Ali El Badi! #marrakech #lapalace #rojo #marroco #travel 🙏🏾👳🏽‍♀️

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Reflecting pool

A large reflecting pool can be found in the middle of the ruins.

Arch and chandelier

Archways aplenty make perfect frames for stunning images. Look out for chandeliers and other ornamentation that hints at the palace’s past splendour.

Moroccan Architecture 🇲🇦

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Henna tattoo

The attractive grounds provide the ideal background for showing off a gorgeous henna tattoo.

Gardens of El Badi Palace

Sunken gardens flank the paved walkways through the palace complex and a solitary palm stands proudly against the skyline.

#summer #august #chaleur #sun #palaiselbadi #elbadi #marrakech #maroc #morocco

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Colourful flowers

Roses and other flowers add splashes of colour inside the terracotta-coloured walls.

Beautiful colour amongst all the stone walls #marrakech #discoverearth

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Framed view

Striking visions can be found around almost every corner and in every nook. The palace’s architectural designs cannot fail to impress.

Palacio El Badiî, Marrakech, Marruecos 🇲🇦 #palacioelbadi #marrakech #marruecos #travel #otroviajemas

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The sun casts well-ordered shadows on the floor and walls.

En el Badi

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Tiled staircase

Explore the interesting ruins and climb steps embellished with stunning and intricate zellige tile work for different views of the complex.

#palaiselbadii #palaisbadii #marrakech #maroc #cigognes #storch #igersmarrakech

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Inner details

Ornate flooring can be found in inner areas of the palace, another whisper of the site’s glorious past. Step back in time and imagine how opulent the palace would have been in its prime.

Floor and walls

The colourful tiles provide an eye-catching contrast to the palace’s walls.

Just about the prettiest ruins you could find 💛

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Cat in the palace

The palace is home to a number of stray cats, many of which are well-accustomed to posing for curious tourists. Cute kitties can be found relaxing in shaded spots throughout the grounds.

Chilling ☀️ #instacats #summer #palaiselbadi

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Inner walkways

Narrow interior walkways lead around the ruined site. Soak up the atmosphere as you discover the palace’s intricacies.

Large archway

Large archways lead the way through high walls. Gazing up from the sweeping paved courtyards inspires wonder!

Nests on the walls

Look for the big nests on top of the high walls; these are home to storks. The large birds have claimed the ruins as their own, moving in when humans moved out.

Storks and minaret

Climbing up to the top of the palace’s walls lets you get closer to the magnificent storks that nest in the grounds.

#palaiselbadii #palaisbadii #marrakech #maroc #cigognes #storch #igersmarrakech

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