Can You Recognise Morocco From These Pictures?

Moroccan women | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic
Moroccan women | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer25 October 2017

Morocco is a country with endless history. It is speculated that it was inhabited 300,000 years ago by early Homo sapiens. The location of Morocco was part of the Roman Empire in 33 BC and, in the 7th century AD, the Islamic conquest began. In the 15th century, the country was ruled by the Saadi Dynasty and the Alaouite Dynasty, who are still present with King Mohammed VI. In the early 20th century, the Spanish and French established a protectorate in Morocco, slavery was abolished in 1925, and Morocco finally regained its independence in 1956.

Moroccan women

Two Moroccan women from the early 20th century holding a baby. You can see the real beauty of these females, with traditional clothing and their hair pulled back.

Moroccan women | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

A lady overlooking Rabat

This picture dates back to the early 1900s, with a view over the old Medina of Rabat.

View of Rabat | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Man cleaning the streets

Before the construction of Ville Nouvelle, Casablanca only consisted of the Medina. In this picture, a man is shown cleaning the streets, certainly before the arrival of someone important.

Man cleaning the streets of Casablanca | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

The construction of Casablanca Ville Nouvelle

A picture of all the hard-working men, barefoot, who contributed to the construction of Ville Nouvelle in the early 20th century.

Construction of Casablanca | © Moroccan Logic

Young girls learning embroidery

A class of embroidery, for girls only, in the 1910s.

Learning embroidery | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

A lady with a hookah

From the early 20th century, a photograph of a lady smoking a hookah and enjoying a glass of fresh mint tea outdoors.

Lady smoking hookah | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Young lady

A young Moroccan lady posing for a photograph in her haïk.

Lady in Haik | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Berber couple

A young Berber couple with their baby in the 1930s.

Berber couple | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic


A couple of Moroccan soldiers ready for action in 1943.

Moroccan soldiers | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Religion class

A photograph from a class, for boys only, on the teachings of Islam in 1944.

Young boys learning | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Moroccan bride

A Moroccan bride on her wedding day posing for the camera in the 1950s.

Moroccan bride | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Ladies strolling the streets

Two ladies walking the streets of Tetouan in 1953.

Ladies walking | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

The beach of Tangier

A lady comfortably wearing her bikini on the beach of Tangier in the 1960s, and a man, perhaps not so comfortable with it.

Tangier beach 1960 | Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Casa Port

Casa Port, the train station of Casablanca in 1963. You can also see what a red petit taxi looked like more than 50 years ago.

Casa Port 1963 | © Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Models in Rabat

Three models posing for the camera in Rabat in the 1960s, in the same spot as “A lady overlooking Rabat” was shot 60 years earlier.

Models in Rabat | © Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

New Year’s Eve

The celebration of New Year in 1977, with a dancer and musicians playing instruments.

New Years Eve 1977 | © Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

Miss Tahiti

The famous Miss Tahiti competition consisted of crowning the best-looking girl in a bikini. Taken in Casablanca, circa 1982.

Miss Tahiti 1982 | © Courtesy of Moroccan Logic

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