The Best Unique Experiences in Casablanca

Casablanca is full of unique attractions, like Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world
Casablanca is full of unique attractions, like Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world | © Gavin Hellier / Alamy Stock Photo
Casablanca is a busy port city that’s home to more than 3.5 million people. Located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, it is a thriving hub filled with lively restaurants and bars, but also a vibrant culture and a fascinating history. Discover the beauty of this Moroccan city by taking part in unique curated experiences.

With bags of character and plenty of must-see attractions, Casablanca is a metropolis that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Explore this beautiful city by roaming its historic streets and discovering what makes it unique.

ToursDiscover Casablanca in Side Car
From NZ$NaN per person
3 hours
5 (1)
This trip of about 3 hours in Casablanca will allow you to travel back in time ... You will discover the history & culture of the white city, while living a unique experience in Side Car (known to be the means of transport of the German army during the Second World War). This tour is ideal for tourists who visit the city for the first time, travelers having a few hours of layover and even the casablancais!
ToursCasablanca: The Medina and Beyond Morning Cultural Walking Tour
From NZ$NaN per person
4 hours
5 (4)
Dive into the daily life and habits of locals on this unique introductory tour of Casablanca! Experience the hustle and bustle of the medina as you browse everything it has to offer. Enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and sample some of our favourite pastries from a secret spot in an off-the-beaten track neighbourhood. You’ll be asking your tour guide to “play it again,” Humphrey Bogart-style, by the end of this fun, all-encompassing tour!

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ToursCasablanca Small-Group City Tour WITH Private Option
From NZ$NaN per person
4 hours 30 minutes
4.4 (10)
Explore Casablanca, in the most memorable Half-day Tour. As one of the most detailed tour of all Casablanca in a typical morning, by an air conditioned Car/Minivan Chauffeured experience, discover its famous monuments.

Enjoy your English speaking Chauffeur description and comments for each view and sight, admire Casablanca's main attraction, including Rick's Coffee, Hassan II Mosque, Corniche Ain Diab, Modern city, Royal Mohamed V place and a local food Market.
ToursExperience Moroccan Cuisine - Private Market Tour & Cooking Class with Transfers
From NZ$NaN per person
6 hours
5 (2)
Immerse yourself in Moroccan culinary traditions with a private market visit, hands-on cooking lesson and meal at a local home. Learn everything you want to know about Moroccan culture and cuisine on this half-day hour tour with a local, while you shop together at the market for fresh produce and prepare an authentic Moroccan meal. Once you're done cooking, you can savor your self-made meal while relaxing with a glass of wine in your host's home, a peaceful oasis in bustling Casablanca.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a unique opportunity to experience authentic Moroccan culture and cuisine firsthand!

Please note: This experience includes pick-up and drop-off from a Casablanca hotel. Please include the name and address of your hotel when making your reservation request so your host can pick you up!
ToursCasablanca Food Tour - Moroccan Street Food Tour
From NZ$NaN per person
180 to 210 minutes
5 (2)
Get off the beaten path and eat like a local! On our Moroccan Street Food Tour, you'll venture away from the touristy spots and deep into back streets and markets of a lively urban neighborhood. See butchers at work, locals crowded around food stalls, vendors with their wares spread out on the ground, pastry and bread makers, spice and olive markets, and so much more! Along the way there's lots of eating—10+ tastings at 6+ stops—but Moroccan food is only half the fun!