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Young Moroccan children in school | © Maureen / Flickr
Young Moroccan children in school | © Maureen / Flickr
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Beautiful Moroccan Names and What They Mean

Picture of Sarah Williams
Updated: 19 September 2017
The birth of a child is often cause for great joy in Morocco, as in most places around the world. Parents often choose names with meanings and that are steeped in long traditions. Read on to discover some of Morocco’s most charming names and what they mean.

The Moroccan language is filled with lovely words. Naming a child in Morocco isn’t simply a case of choosing a name that parents like, however; the Civil Registry will only register approved names. Names must be Moroccan in character, in common use, and recognisable. Foreign and unusual names will not be registered. Criteria, as set down by government, include using long-standing Arab names, using “attributes of Allah” with the prefix “Abd” (“servant of”), using names of Islamic origin where the pronunciation is clear and that have been more commonly used in Morocco over recent times, names with Amazigh heritage, and names with Hebrew roots for Moroccans of Jewish descent.

While greater flexibility is urged by many people in respect of Amazigh names, many names approved in Morocco come from Arab roots.

Beautiful Moroccan names for boys:


Pronounce it like this: ABB-ess


Pronounce it like this: ANN-ass


Pronounce it like this: ha-SAN


Pronounce it like this: ka-rEEm


Pronounce it like this: OWE-mer


Pronounce it like this: ra-fEEk


Pronounce it like this: sAHH-d

Moroccan names for girls:


Pronounce it like this: A-meen-ah


Pronounce it like this: A-zEEz-ah


Pronounce it like this: Ih-man


Pronounce it like this: jah-mEEl-ah


Pronounce it like this: nAD-ee-ya


Pronounce it like this: soo-WHALE-ah


Pronounce it like this: YAS-meen