11 Top Tattoo Studios in Marrakech

Striking colourful tattoos | © ThoroughlyReviewed / www.thoroughlyreviewed.com
Striking colourful tattoos | © ThoroughlyReviewed / www.thoroughlyreviewed.com
Photo of Sarah Williams
7 November 2017

Thinking of getting inked on your next trip to Morocco’s Marrakech? Here are some of the city’s best tattoo shops for a permanent memento from your time in the Red City. Alternatively, visitors could have a semi-permanent design by a henna tattoo artist instead.

Marrakech Ink

Marrakech Ink is located in the newer colonial part of the city: Gueliz. The tattoo parlour is modern, clean, and hygienic, and prices are reasonable for permanent designs. Equipment is high tech, which allows for perfect lines and high precision. The tattoo artists speak good English and can do intricate details well. You can choose from existing designs or have a custom-made tattoo created.

Tattoo Studio Marrakech

Tattoo Studio Marrakech can be found in the city’s former industrial area of Sidi Ghanem. An area with many artists, designers, and creative souls, it’s perhaps not a surprise to find one of the city’s top-rated tattooists here too. The tattoo artists can communicate well with customers in English, and he can be contacted in advance online to discuss requirements.

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Monamina Tatouages

Monamina Tatouages creates tattoos on various parts of the body as well as undertaking permanent makeup tattooing work. The centre is also known for piercing, with ears, noses, navels, eyebrows, and other parts of the body pierced by the experienced members of staff. The centre is popular with people who are interested in alternative culture.


Specialising in both tattooing and piercings, Chocho can be found along rue de Targa in Gueliz. Inking big and small designs, the tattoo artist also performs permanent makeup tattooing, including eyebrow and lip tattooing.

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/kelvynskee/6247315376/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">A colourful tattoo in progress | A colourful tattoo in progress

Lina Beauty Centre

Lina Beauty Centre is a one-stop shop for varied beauty needs, and the resident tattooist helps guests to create permanent designs that they will be happy to have on their bodies. The facility and equipment are hygienic and the prices are affordable.

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Noqat Design

Noqat Design undertakes work related to tattooing and illustration, using traditional design skills to enhance designs for the body. Customers can provide their own ideas and visual inspirations for a tattoo, and the artist will work with people to create designs that they will be proud of. Rather unusually for Morocco, where tattooing isn’t a common procedure, the tattoo artist at Noqat Design is female. Of Berber heritage, the artist also performs piercings.

Spa Saint Tropez Marrakech

Spa Saint Tropez Marrakech attracts clients seeking pampering, bliss, and high-class beauty treatments and techniques. Permanent makeup and facial tattooing are among the beauty services offered at the spa, along with hair styling, manicures, pedicures, piercings, and massages.

The Henna Café

Attracting large numbers of female travellers, The Henna Café is a popular place for those looking for quality henna designs on either their hands or feet. The temporary tattoos usually fade after a few weeks, eventually leaving no mark on the skin. Henna is part of Morocco’s cultural heritage and all henna artists employed by The Henna Café are local women.

Houda in Action

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Henna Art Cafe

Marrakech’s Henna Art Café is another top spot for beautiful semi-permanent designs. Located in the lively heart of the medina and just a short walk from Djemaa el Fna, it’s a great place to unwind with a drink and a tasty meal before or after having your body decorated with henna.

Ensemble Artisan

The Ensemble Artisan showcases various arts and crafts from Morocco. As well as being able to buy a range of traditional items, visitors can also sit and have a henna tattoo drawn. The skilled artist creates eye-catching designs that are often seen at typical Moroccan weddings.

Au Petit Bonhomme La Chance

Essaouira, within the wider Marrakech provincial area, is a popular day-trip destination from the Red City. Au Petit Bonhomme La Chance is one of the best places in the coastal city for striking henna tattoos. Located in the medina, the shop also sells an array of spices, scents, and herbal remedies.

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