11 Things You Can Only Buy in Morocco

Lanterns in Marrakech's souks | © oliverjpears / Flickr
Lanterns in Marrakech's souks | © oliverjpears / Flickr
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Web Content Writer21 November 2017

Many Europeans have said that travelling to Morocco changed their perception of the world, and that is because Morocco is so close to Europe in distance yet its culture is so different to anywhere in Europe. Why not buy something unique to Morocco; a souvenir that will remind you of your trip whenever you look at it? Here are 11 things you can only buy in Morocco, that will certainly make you feel like you are still in the North African country!

Argan oil

Argan oil has become popular across the globe, and even celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian are known to use it on their hair and skin. Morocco is the main land of Argan oil production, where you will find thousands of miles of Argan trees, which goats often climb, growing the needed seeds to produce the cosmetic and culinary oil. Local women will then ground the seeds in home-made machines to extract the oil. The whole process of watching how the oil is extracted is fascnating.

Argan oil production | © WikiCommons

Traditional clothing

In Moroccan fashion, you can find plenty of items that will work with your everyday outfits, some slippers, a sequined bag and kaftans, for example. The garments are usually cheap since they are made in the country by local Moroccan women, and they vary in style, colour and size. The most trendy pieces are the silk scarves and the wool clutches.


Wherever you go in Morocco, you will find ceramics that are extremely rare, beautiful and unique in their own way as every different piece is hand-made. You will most likely find these in the medinas, especially in Fez where they excel at pottery and, just like Argan, watching the process of how it is made is even better than just buying. There is a variety of pottery all over the medina, but the most traditional Moroccan colours are white and blue.

Display of Moroccan pottery | © DanielWanke / Pixabay


Morocco has got one of the oldest tanneries in the world in Fez, where they dye animal skin in a traditional way and sell it to merchants who will turn it into a piece of clothing. You can find these pieces in any local shop at the medinas of Morocco, where the distinct smell of leather will tempt you into stepping inside to explore. There, you can find truly authentic leather bags, belts, shoes, jackets and hats.


Going rug-shopping in Morocco is like a dream come true. You go inside a shop where the owner will greet you with a glass of mint tea, while they talk you through all their exquisite rugs and just make the whole experience worth it. Carpets and rugs tend to be a bit on the pricey side in Morocco, but if you are looking for a good authentic one, this is definitely the place to go.

Rugs aplenty in Fes | © Singa Hitam / Flickr

Brass trays

These trays are so decorative if you want to add a little sophistication to your table. In Morocco, they are used to present traditional mint tea, but if you take one back home you can use it for anything you like, even just place it decoratively on the table and use it to collect odds and ends.


To feel like you have truly experienced the Arabian magic, you cannot go home without one of these famous lanterns. Finding them almost everywhere in Morocco, they vary in colour, size and material. Some are made of animal skin while others are made of aluminum or other metals. Be sure to check out different shops before picking one, to compare prices and quality. Don’t be afraid to haggle!

Lanterns in Marrakech’s souks | © oliverjpears / Flickr

Spices and dried nuts

In Morocco, people use spices and dried nuts in their everyday life, they are a must, and are the freshest of the whole Mediterranean. The best thing to do if you are not sure which spices to get, is to go for Ras el Hanout, which is a mix of every spice Moroccans use to make their delicious tagines, pastillas and more.


Tagines are not only a dish in Morocco, but also the pot in which you cook the dish. If you are looking for that distinct flavour in your Moroccan dishes when you are cooking them at home, take a tagine back with you to try cooking in it. They come in all colours and different patterns, but although they look pretty, nothing beats the original tagine made with earthenware clay.

Moroccan tagines for sale | © Martin and Kathy Dady / Flickr

Pure perfumes

While travelling through Morocco, you will come across many places that sell pure perfumes, which are scented oils in small bottles that last a long period of time on your skin due to their lack of alcohol. You only need a small amount, otherwise the smell will be too strong, so the small bottle will last for at least a couple of months and you can even use them to scent indoor rooms.


Of course, you can get keyrings everywhere, but not special Moroccan ones. you’ll see a variety of keyrings, but the coolest ones have a slipper on it, or a small camel. You will find them at cheap prices and almost anywhere around the medina. It might not be a big gift, but it certainly is a thoughtful souvenir of Morocco.

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