11 Places in Morocco Perfect for Food Lovers

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Web Content Writer19 February 2018

If you are a foodie, Morocco is a country you must visit. Here, you can try delicious traditional dishes such as couscous, tagine, pastilla, and much more, cooked with local products and spices. Here are 11 places in Morocco that are perfect for food lovers.


Do extravagant and original items like camel burgers sound tempting to you? If so, you must head to Fez during your visit to Morocco, as just recently, this city has become one of the main culinary spots in Morocco because of the originality and authenticity of its dishes. Of course, apart from the delicious camel burgers, you can enjoy a wide variety of the most incredible Moroccan dishes, as Fez was Morocco’s capital for many years and still holds a lot of tradition and culture. It’s also home to the oldest university in the world.

Camel butcher | © James Merhebi / Flickr


Tangier is located at the most northern point of Morocco, by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and is only nine miles (14 kilometers) away from Spain. Here, you can discover food as you have never known it before, as the cuisine here has a mix of Spanish, Berber, and Jewish influences. You can enjoy a beef and apricot tagine, a crispy pastilla, and an amazing chicken rfissa.


Of course, Marrakech is on the list – who doesn’t love a traditional meal on a hot summer night in the middle of Jemaa el-Fna? Tourist or not, everyone enjoys the little stalls calling passersby to come and try their food: vegetarian tagines, sautéed prawns, Moroccan salads, and more. This is a magical place to try out, as prices are decent and it is located in the most famous square in Morocco.

Grilled prawns | © medoa7164 / Pixabay | © medoa7164 / Pixabay


Chefchaouen, also called the Blue City, is located in the north of Morocco, and is a small village located in the Rif Mountains near Tetouan that was heavily influenced by the Spanish. It is one of the best places to try freshly baked bread from wood-fired ovens, a delicious Moroccan couscous, fish, vegetables, salads, and of course a sweet mint tea.

Chefchaouen’s main square | © Gabi / Flickr


Imlil is a small village in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where it reaches freezing temperatures during winter. This village is mostly known for the breathtaking views that look something like Machu Picchu, with green mountains and palm trees, but it is also very popular for its bissara, a soup of peas that is made during the winter. The bissara is a very famous dish that is loved nationwide and is good at keeping you warm.

Imlil | © Luc Viatour / WikiCommons


Essaouira is a fishing village near Marrakech, and is well known because of the numerous episodes of Game of Thrones that were shot there. Naturally, it is also very well known for its fish. Morocco is a large exporter of fish, especially sardines, so you will find all types of dishes here, including sardine sandwiches, stuffed sardines, and much more. It is definitely worth a try if you like fish.

Walls and harbour of Essaouira | © AG Gilmore / Flickr


This small city near Fez is another imperial city that was previously run by the Almoravids and Merinids. Of course, this means that the city itself has gone through a lot of different phases, which influenced the history, culture, and gastronomy. Here, you can try some of the best Moroccan delicacies such as Moroccan biscuits with a sweet fresh mint tea, and you can get a good chicken and potatoes tagine and a delicious chicken pastilla.


This small town located by the Atlantic Ocean reminds one of Greek Islands with its white walls and blue doors; its atmosphere is absolutely buzzing and the weather is warm in the summer. There is nothing better, after a day spent at the beach, than heading over to the local shop for a variety of sandwiches, including delicious fresh fish.

Vibrant walls of Asilah’s medina | © Gerard Justo / Flickr


This coastal city located in the south of Morocco is famous for its hot summers, gorgeous beaches, and delicious fish. Of course, you can try everything fish-related here, such as fish sandwiches, fish couscous, fish tagine, and a variety of seafood. After a good meal, you can stroll by the seafront and look up at the clear starry sky.

Views over Agadir, Morocco | © Michel Terrier / WikiCommons | © Michel Terrier / WikiCommons


Ifrane is known as the Switzerland of Morocco, as it snows all winter and it can reach freezing temperatures. Ifrane is an amazing city to visit due to the white winter and the incredible Berber food that you can try here. There are many restaurants where you can try this food alongside Mediterranean and French food.

Alpine building in Ifrane | © lin padgham / Flickr


Larache is a small beach town in the north of Morocco, known for its delicious freshly caught fish from the Atlantic that is made into tagines, sandwiches, and more. Here, you can find all types of fish that you can pick up and cook at home.

Steak | © David M G / Shutterstock

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