11 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in Casablanca

Parc de la Ligue Arabe Avenue | © Abdul-Jawad Elhusuni (عبدالجواد الحسوني)/WikiCommons
Parc de la Ligue Arabe Avenue | © Abdul-Jawad Elhusuni (عبدالجواد الحسوني)/WikiCommons
Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco and is quite the place to have an impressive date. Although being the economical capital means it is more expensive than other cities, like Fez or Tangier, there are lots of amazing places to explore and rediscover. From going to the beach, to visiting art galleries in cathedrals, here are the best free and cheap date ideas to try in Casablanca!

The beach

Going to the beach is always a fun time and a tried and tested date idea. You can stroll along the shore, the sand between your toes, and marvel at the waves of the Atlantic. You can also spice things up by bringing along a game to play, or a blanket and some snacks and drinks for a romantic picnic by the sea.

Ain Diab Beach, Casablanca, Morocco

The movies

The most famous cinema in Casablanca is Megarama, in Ain Diab. It is relatively cheap and you can choose from a selection of movies, which they even play in English sometimes. After your stroll along the beach, grab a bite to eat and catch a movie.

Megarama Cinema, Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca, Morocco, +212 5227 98888

BFI IMAX screen | Courtesy of BFI IMAX

The malls

There are two malls in Casablanca, Anfaplace Shopping Center and Morocco Mall. In Anfaplace, you’ll be able to wander the mall, grab a Starbucks or a cinnamon roll, or go to the outside area that’s decorated with fountains. You can access the beach through there and even have a quick dip! In Morocco Mall, you can watch the biggest musical fountain in Africa dance to the rhythm of popular songs, grab a coffee or even watch a 3D movie at the iMax theatre.

Hassan II Mosque

The mosque of Hassan II is the perfect place if you want to impress your date. It’s the biggest mosque in Africa and the second biggest in the world. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to step inside if you are not Muslim, but you will still be able to take in the beautiful structure, and the details of the building.

Hassan II Mosque, Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca, Morocco

The Medina

Market, Moroccan
Marrakesh Medina
Best brush up on your bartering skills as the medina is full of treasures for sale | © Jan Wlodarczyk / Alamy Stock Photo
Like most Moroccan cities, Casablanca has a Medina, which was the original Casablanca. Here you will be able to take in the beautiful old houses, and transport back to the 15th century, when the big clock and narrow streets were the main areas of leisure. You can also do some shopping, as the small streets are full of shops that sell leather goods, wooden decorations and other traditional pieces.
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After the French settled in Morocco, they decided to build a ‘New City’ right outside the Medina, which made Casablanca bigger. This stunning part of the city is absolutely mesmerising, as it houses one of the oldest buildings built by the French Protectorate back in the 1920s. These buildings mix European and Middle Eastern architectural styles, giving them truly unique features.

Avenue des FAR, Casablanca, Morocco

Parc de La Ligue Arabe

This park, designed back in 1918, is Casablanca’s biggest open space. With a long path lined by palm trees on either side, and a lot of greenery, it’s the perfect place to find a bench and relax. After strolling through the long park, walk to the Cathedral Sacré Coeur, the most famous and largest cathedral in Casablanca. It is beautifully decorated with colourful glass, and hints back to the French Protectorate. Often, they also organise art exhibitions in the cathedral with contemporary paintings of up-and-coming artists.

Parc de la Ligue Arabe Avenue © Abdul-Jawad Elhusuni (عبدالجواد الحسوني)/WikiCommons

Place Mohamed V

This famous square is full of administrative buildings with astounding architecture. It’s amazing to see buildings from the 20th century designed by the famous and talented Henri Prost, or the statue of Marshal Lyautey, the first French Resident-General in Morocco from 1912 to 1925.

Place Mohamed V, Avenue Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco

Bouskoura Forest

Forest, Botanical Garden
Forest at Parc des Buttes Chaumont
Forest at Parc des Buttes Chaumont | © Kim Grant for Culture Trip
If you want to drop all the main tourist attractions, and go that extra mile with your date, you might want to venture to the forest of Bouskoura, just outside of Casablanca. If you’re sporty types you can go on a hiking date or, if you’re more romantic, enjoy a picnic date in the outdoors.
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If you’d like to soak up some culture, consider going on a date to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, which presents the daily life of Jews in Morocco and how they influenced Moroccan culture and vice-versa. The rooms exhibit paintings, clothing pieces, ornaments and much more. Another great museum is Musée Abderrahman Slaoui, located 20 minutes from the Medina, in a 1940s Art Deco building. Here you will find vintage jewellery and art pieces by Marjolle and Dinet.

Marché Central

This is the biggest market in Casablanca; whatever you are looking for, you’ll find here. Rare spices, vintage goods, colourful décor, gorgeous fabrics and much more. If you get tired of the crowded market, you can walk about five minutes to Hotel Transatlantique, built in 1922, to grab a quick drink and enjoy the view from the terrace. This hotel was also famous among musicians like Josephine Baker and Edith Piaf.

Marche central © Didier55/WikiCommons
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