11 Films of Powerful Love Stories in Morocco

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Web Content Writer26 March 2018

There has been many incredible love stories that have been told through films in Morocco, from the famous Othello to Whatever Lola Wants, here are 11 films of powerful love stories in Morocco.


Marock is one of the most popular movies among millennials in Morocco. The story begins with a lovely Moroccan girl called Rita who is from an affluent family, her everyday life consists of her friends, family, and going to school as she is preparing for graduation, but things quickly change when she meets Yuri, a Jewish boy, who she desperately falls in love with. The difference in religion is clearly an issue to their parents, who are not happy to see them together, but they believe love is stronger. The end of the movie takes a tragic turn that will certainly leave you feeling quite sad.

Still from "Marock" | © Youtube.com

L’orange amère (Albourto9ala l’morra)

This film takes place in the small village of Assila in the North of Morocco, in the 1980s. It tells the story of a sweet and innocent girl, Saadia, whose life is very much mundane and boring, living a modest life with her parents. One day, she goes with her good friend Awatef to pick oranges, when she meets Amine, a police officer, with whom she falls in love instantly. Due to the lack of experience and intense feelings she is experiencing, she decides to declare her love for him.

A la recherche du mari de ma femme

Haj Ben Moussa is one of the richest jewelers in the medina of Fez and he is married to three different women whom he loves spoiling with his expensive jewelry. One day, he gets into an argument with his youngest wife Houda, so he angrily decides to divorce her. After all the paperwork is signed, he quickly regrets his decision, and learns that the Islamic law will not allow him to marry her again, unless another man marries and divorces her, just like Haj did.

Whatever Lola Wants

Lola is an American who becomes interested in belly dancing through her gay friend Yussef, but she can’t pursue what she loves due to the fact that she works as a post-woman and faces financial issues. After her friend encourages her to perform at a restaurant, she catches the eyes of a man named Zak, but when they start speaking and mingling she quickly discovers that he is to be part of an arranged marriage. Lola is devastated and decides to put all her energy and effort into her dream of belly dancing.

“Whatever Lola Wants” | Film still

Ex Chamkar

Ex Chamkar means “Former thug” in Moroccan. Rouiis, the principal character, is one of many thugs who are living in the streets of Morocco in poor conditions, but that doesn’t stop him from falling in love. Malak, a girl from an affluent family, catches his eye and he quickly becomes infatuated with her as he realizes he has absolutely no chance with her. What he doesn’t realize is that the odds are in his favor.

Classroom 8

Classroom 8 is a rather odd love story, since it is not your typical one. It tells the story of a young new teacher Laila, who faces difficulties with two of her students who always disturb her class. One of them, Mjid, seems to have fallen in love with her, so he starts stalking her, and even following her to her house. He collects information about her personal life and her fiancé and starts verbally harassing her in front of the whole school, so she decides it is enough, and it is time to make drastic changes to her way of teaching.


Volubilis is a love story about Abdelkader, a security guard, and Malika, a maid at a wealthy family’s home. The two are newlyweds and desperately in love, and even though they are facing some financial issues, they dream of the day they will buy their own house and move out of their parents’ house. One day, Abdelkader gets beaten up and is humiliated in public, which will change the couple’s destiny.

Volubilis | Film still

Love in the Medina

This is the story of Thami, a butcher who has a sexual obsession with women. He is a good looking guy who catches the attention of every woman that goes into his store, which he absolutely loves. However, Thami is a virgin, and the first person he sleeps with is a sweet girl called Halima, but he then meets Zineb, the unsatisfied young wife of an old soldier, with whom he instantly falls in love with.

The Blind Orchestra

The Blind Orchestra tells the story of Houcine, a married man with a son named Mimou. Houcine is a big fan of new King Hassan II and music and he is the director of a popular orchestra in Morocco that plays at important events. Things take an odd turn when they are forced to pretend that they are blind in order to play at women-only parties thrown by conservative Moroccan families.

The Blind Orchestra | Film still

The Rif Lover

In the north of Morocco in the small town of Chefchaouen lives Aya, a 20-year-old Moroccan girl who dreams of living her own love story. She spends her days reading about her favorite character, Carmen, who is a flirty and sexy woman who uses her charm to manipulate her lovers. Aya wishes to be like Carmen and live a passionate love story, but she falls in love with a drug lord who takes her virginity. Her parents arrange a marriage with her cousin, but Aya refuses.


This is originally a play by Shakespeare, who was made into a movie in 1952. The story is about Othello, a Moorish general who falls in love with Desdemona, the daughter of a Senator. The two plan a secret marriage to avoid unwanted attention, but when her old suitor, Rodrigo, learns the news, he is infuriated. He looks for an enemy of Othello’s and finds him, so they both start to conspire against him.

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