10 Top Spots for Bastilla in Fez

Moroccan bastilla
Moroccan bastilla | © kochtopf / WikiCommons
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Web Content Writer27 June 2018

Here are the best spots in Fez for bastilla, a traditional Moroccan dish made of layers of meat and pastry.

L'Amandier Palais Faraj

Restaurant, African, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, $$$
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The bar at Palais Faraj
The bar at Palais Faraj | © Palais Faraj

This restaurant is located within Palais Faraj Suites & Spa, a hotel in the Medina of Fez, overlooking the medieval houses surrounding the famous Chouara Tannery. The best time to go would be in the early evening, when you’ll be able to see the sun go down over Fez, while enjoying a delicious, gourmet dinner and a glass of red wine. On the menu are soup, tagines, couscous, bastillas and a variety of desserts.

Meal service:

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner


Cosy, Casual, Traditional, Relaxed

Cafe Clock

Cafe, Diner, Restaurant, Moroccan, European, $$$
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Moroccan tajine with mint tea
Moroccan tajine with mint tea | Moroccan tajine with mint tea
A favourite among young locals and tourists, Cafe Clock is a restaurant located next to a landmark clock in the middle of the medina. The restaurant is always bustling, and has four different levels of seating for guests to choose from. Each floor is luxuriously decorated with splendid tapestries and Middle Eastern wall designs. Gnawa music is often played here – songs and rhythms of a spiritual, ancient Islamic nature, with melodies which transport the diner to another African world. Try the camel burger if you dare.

Table d'Hôtes Dar Bensouda

Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$
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Moroccan bastilla
Moroccan bastilla | Moroccan bastilla

This restaurant is located in the boutique hotel of Dar Bensouda and serves divine Moroccan food in an elegant atmosphere. Table d’Hôtes offers chicken and beef tagines, chicken and seafood bastillas, couscous, msemmen and many more traditional dishes, all made with fresh, local products. The decor is traditional with a modern twist, with neutral colours that promote a relaxed atmosphere.

Meal service:

Lunch, Dinner


Traditional, Cosy, Relaxed, Modern

The Ruined Garden

Restaurant, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, $$$
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Moroccan tagine
Moroccan tagine | Moroccan tagine

A hidden treasure of Fez, this is a peaceful little Mediterranean/Moroccan restaurant with a beautiful garden and terrace. Whether you decide to sit inside in the amazing living room or outside in the picturesque garden accompanied by the sounds of birds and a water fountain, you can enjoy healthy food in a relaxed atmosphere. Dishes range from traditional Moroccan tagine to Mediterranean salad. It gets busy, so make sure you book a table in advance.

Made in M

Restaurant, Mediterranean, Moroccan, $$$
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Moroccan riad
Moroccan riad | Moroccan riad

This amazing little bar and restaurant is located in the medina and feels like an oasis among the crowded streets. The decor is bohemian and the music appropriate, so you can enjoy your Moroccan bastillas and fresh-mint tea in a relaxed setting. It’s definitely an ideal place for some Instagram shots, with its numerous straw chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and its lounge area with large pillows.

Meal service:

All Day


Cosy, Relaxed, Modern, Traditional

NUR Restaurant

Market, Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$
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Enjoy Moroccan cuisine at NUR Restaurant
Enjoy Moroccan cuisine at NUR Restaurant | Enjoy Moroccan cuisine at NUR Restaurant
Operating with a novel concept of inviting new chefs to come and create dishes every few months, NUR Restaurant is a must-try in Fez. The practice of rotating chefs keeps the food original and interesting. The menu here is handwritten charmingly on a blackboard, and features delicious dishes comprising the latest offerings from the local market. Chicly decorated within the remains of an old riad, the venue oozes a subtle mixture of tradition and modernity to create a stylish atmosphere. Previous visiting chefs have included renowned food experts from Paris, Sydney and London.

Les Jardins de Sheherazade

Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$
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Located in a beautiful, historical palace, Les Jardins de Sheherazade serves fantastic Moroccan food in an environment oozing with romance. The courtyard here is breathtaking, and features a garden brimming with colourful local flowers as well as intricately patterned walls and window ledges. Choose to either dine in this exquisite courtyard or in the luxuriously furnished interior room. With topnotch service and a chicken bastilla that’s out of this world, there is nothing not to love about this restaurant.

La Maison Bleue Batha

Restaurant, French, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, $$$
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Colourful stained glass on the balcony
Colourful stained glass on the balcony | © Riad Maison Bleue and Spa

At La Maison Bleue, you can enjoy a typical Moroccan meal accompanied by a fantastic live band in an architecturally stunning building. Here you’ll find authentic tagines, bastillas and other Moroccan specialties, all delicious and all beautifully arranged in a traditional Moroccan dinner setting.

Meal service:

Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner


Cosy, Relaxed, Casual

Riad Rcif Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$
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Moroccan food
Moroccan food | Moroccan food

This riad was built in 1372 exclusively for the governor of Old Fez, and the art in the walls, the plants, the chandeliers and everything else was specially and meticulously made. Although it has been there for over 600 years, the riad remains intact and is now open to the public to enjoy the many traditional dishes they offer. The bastilla is their main speciality, made with love, a bunch of seasonal spices, the best vegetables in the market and top-quality meat. So if you want to feel like the governor of Fez for a few hours, this is the place to visit, but do reserve a table.

Nagham Cafe Restaurant

Restaurant, Moroccan, Vegetarian, $$$
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This is a great rooftop restaurant with friendly staff and delicious bastilla. At Nagham Cafe Restaurant you can enjoy the perfect chicken bastilla with a great view overlooking the old Medina. The prices are decent and they also offer vegetarian options on dishes such as tagine.