10 Top Mexican Restaurants in Casablanca

Quesadilla plate
Quesadilla plate | Courtesy of Tula Comida Latina
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Web Content Writer23 February 2018

Casablanca is the place to go if you want to try some of the finest Central and South American food. There are different restaurants that offer the most delicious burritos, fajitas, nachos, quesadillas and much more! Here are the 10 top Mexican restaurants in Casablanca.

Tula Comida Latina

Restaurant, Mexican, Argentina, Peruvian, $$$
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Quesadilla plate
Quesadilla plate | Courtesy of Tula Comida Latina
This amazing South American restaurant offers different types of cuisine from the continent: Mexican, Argentinean, Peruvian, etc. Here, you will truly enjoy every dish and can try what a real Latino dish tastes like, with fajitas, tacos, burritos, nachos and much more. They also have incredible desserts and all dishes are plated in the most beautiful way, perfect for an Instagram shot!

Le Papagayo

This restaurant is the perfect place for a chilled friend’s night out, as they serve good dishes at a decent price, all to the sound of a live band singing songs in Spanish! Among their dishes you can find: curry, sausages, steak and many more delicious foods!

Cantina Mariachi

Restaurant, Vegetarian, $$$
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Table of different dishes
Table of different dishes | Courtesy of Cantina Mariachi
This restaurant is located in the centre of Casablanca and serves delicious Mexican food as well as vegetarian friendly food. The nachos melt in the mouth with the sour cream and salsa, the burritos are well garnished with pico de gallo and chicken and everything else is just as equally good. The prices are quite decent for the portions and the atmosphere is very ‘Latino’ to have a wonderful time at the restaurant.

Meson Asador

Meson Asador serves European, Central American and Argentinean food, it is known for its delicious steaks with caramelised onions and a side of different vegetables. They also serve mashed potatoes, a variety of salads and incredible desserts that are absolutely amazing!

Route US 66

Route US 66 is located in the CIL neighbourhood of Casablanca and it is popular for its big American burgers. Here, you can enjoy a typical double cheese burger with a piña colada, in the most American atmosphere and decor. They also do other American specialities such as the famous corn dogs, burritos and much more.

Mikuna | Courtesy of Mikuna | Courtesy of Mikuna

Churrascaria Marius Casablanca

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This is more of a Brazilian restaurant, but it also serves Central American food, with a show like no other. The perfect spot to eat at the restaurant is at the long central table, where the dancers perform right in front of your plate. It is truly a remarkable experience that is totally unforgettable!

Viva Mexico Tex Mex

This is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Casablanca, and it is absolutely delicious! First, the decor is very ‘ranch-style,’ with cowboy hats and wooden furniture, the music is both modern and Mexican and their service is fast. Here, you can enjoy a nice chicken burrito, nachos, fajitas and more!

Pasapalos Latinos

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Boxty Chicken Quesadilla at Fado Irish Pub
Boxty Chicken Quesadilla at Fado Irish Pub | © Fado Irish Pub/Flickr
This is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Casablanca, as they serve a variety of dishes from Central and South America. Although it is not located in the centre, it is worth the long ride, as the atmosphere is buzzing and the food is even better! Here, you can have empanadas, tacos, fajitas, a delicious guacamole, cheesecake and much more!

Tiger House

This spacious Mexican fast-food is located directly in the centre of Casablanca. It serves delicious Mexican food such as fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, tacos and much more, at a decent price and more importantly, perfectly spiced up, the real Mexican way!