10 Top Fashion Boutiques in Fez

Moroccan clothing | © Benson Kua
Moroccan clothing | © Benson Kua
Fez is the cultural capital of Morocco, and for that reason the various kinds of textiles you’ll find in the Old Medina, that date back to the 17th century, make this area a must-visit for fashion lovers from all over the world.

Nina Alami

Nina Alami is a Palestinian-American designer who moved from Los Angeles to Fez in 2011. She sells her collection of handwoven scarves and blankets in her by-appointment-only atelier in the Fez Medina.

Colorful shoes © cloudzilla / Flickr

Coin Berbère

An amazing hidden treasure in the Fez Medina, owned by Mohamed Bouzidi Idrissi, where you can find all sorts of pieces – from antique pottery, to 17th-century wooden doors, antique Fassi embroideries, and more. If you want to be surrounded by things both beautiful and rare, you must visit Coin Berbère.

Coin Berbère, 67 Haddadine Talaa Kebira Medina, Fez, Morocco, +212 5356 36946

Alfred Berlin

Also open only by appointment, Alfred Berlin is a brand made by Italian artist and designer Carmelo Tedeschi. Based in Berlin and Fez, he offers luxurious leather accessories at his showroom.

Ali’s Art Gallery

In this magical cave, where the proprietor speaks English perfectly and is meticulously knowledgeable about Fez, you can find antiques and hidden treasures occupying several enormous rooms.

Alis’ Art Gallery, Riad Jouha, Fez, Morocco, +212 535 633022

Chez Hamidou

This little shop is hidden near the Chouara Tannery, and is the go-to for locals to find affordable textile, carpets and poufs.

Chez Hamidou, Hay Lablida Chouara, Fez, Morocco,

Moroccan carpets at a market | © Montse PB/Flickr

Rue Talaa Kebira

This street is filled with small-scale antique dealers, where you can find amazing vintage pieces, like silk caftans or rare jewelry.

Colorful cloth for sale in Medina ©Adam Jones PhD/WikiCommons © Adam Jones, Ph.D. / WikiCommons

Tamerlane’s Daughters

This boutique, that is by appointment only, is owned by Karina Duebner, an investment banker-turned-clothing designer. The place offers one-of-a-kind pillowcases, coats, separates, and vintage dresses.


This fashion boutique offers handmade goodies, all made in Morocco, and a selection of Moroccan textiles. The owner, Laurence, works with Moroccan designers to have the latest modern pieces, but also traditional slippers, handbags, unique jackets, traditional blouses, scarves and jewelry.

Medin’Art, 19 Zkak Ljaar Talaa Sghira, Fez Medina, Morocco, +212 617 575079

Clothing pieces | © Medin’Art

Caftan Hanae Fez

If you are looking for more traditional clothing pieces, this is the place to go. They offer beautiful caftans and belts, as well as accessories.

Caftan Hanae Fez, Bloc 5, Ibn El Atir Ave, Fez, Morocco, +212 655 359994