10 Top Cheap Eats in Rabat

Café Maure in Rabat
Café Maure in Rabat | © Davide Cesare Veniani / WikiCommons
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Web Content Writer28 June 2018

Discover the 10 spots where you can enjoy a delicious and affordable lunch in the capital.

El Palatino

Bar, Spanish, $$$
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A Spanish-inspired tapas bar in the heart of the capital of Morocco, El Palatino serves a tempting range of typical tapas, alongside fantastic live musical entertainment. El Palatino is praised for its friendly and inviting atmosphere, and boasts a fantastic selection of reasonably priced drinks. Guests can relax in this warm and dimly lit bar and feel as though they are in Spain while dancing to the in-house DJs.

El Barrio Latino

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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Fajita | Fajita
El Barrio Latino is the best spot for a fun night out in Rabat. Here, you can enjoy a night with your friends doing karaoke, dancing on the open stage, or savouring your food to the sound of a jazz and Latino band. The cuisine is delicious and diverse, with grilled veggies, pizzas, fajitas and even chill con carne offered.

Riad Dar Aida

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$
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View over the medina of Rabat | View over the medina of Rabat

If you want a more affordable spot that might fit into your backpacking plans, head over to Riad Dar Aida, a B&B located in the heart of the medina of Rabat. Apart from its top location, Dar Aida has a great rooftop, where you can sip your fresh mint tea while overlooking the oldest part of the city.


Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Pasta | Pasta
This amazing Italian restaurant offers some crazy deals with their Menu Malin, which includes half a pizza, half a salad and dessert – either tarte Tatin or chocolate and pear crumble. This is the perfect spot to have lunch on a sunny day, as they have a spacious and cute terrace where you can enjoy the good weather.

Ty Potes

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Cathédrale Saint Pierre | Cathédrale Saint Pierre
Ty Potes is another restaurant near the station of Rabat Ville that is popular among the community for its peaceful and stunning terrace garden, where you can have a delicious lunch in a busy part of the city. It is also vegetarian friendly, and you will find Mediterranean and French delicacies on the menu.

Il Giardino

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Orzo pasta and cuttle fish at the Aegean Deli | © Aegean Deli
This Italian restaurant might not be well-known in the city, but it’s very popular among locals and those who know it. Located in the Italian Cultural Institute, it has an amazing terrace that you can enjoy on a Sunday afternoon while eating delicious homemade pizza or seafood pasta. Here, you will find all the Italian classics, which will not disappoint.

Café Maure

Cafe, Moroccan, $$$
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Café Maure in Rabat | Café Maure in Rabat

This is one of Rabat’s top locations and is located right in the Kasbah of Udayas, which boasts an impressive view of the Bou Regreg River. Here, you can enjoy a typical Moroccan mint tea with a couple of corne de gazelle (gazelle horn-shaped) pastries. You will find Café Maure only a few metres away from Le Dhow, another incredible restaurant located on the river.

La Mezzanine

Hotel Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Le Diwan
Hotel Diwan view | © Hotel Diwan

Located in the heart of Hotel Diwan in Rabat, this amazing restaurant offers spectacular views over a pool and greenery. Much like the Sofitel, it is surrounded by amazing picturesque landscapes that include exotic flowers and plants. At the restaurant, you can enjoy everything Mediterranean at decent prices in a peaceful atmosphere with music in the background.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Rabat Ville Station | Rabat Ville Station

Cosmopolitan Restaurant in Rabat is located right behind the train station of Rabat Ville, which is an exceptional spot. Here, you can enjoy a Mediterranean fish-filled dish with delicious wine and the view through a plate-glass window. The spot is also minutes away from the main boulevard of Rabat.

Le Privilege

Pub, Mediterranean, $$$
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Perfect for pub lovers, Le Privilege boasts a friendly and optimistic ambiance, where laughter and fun are the first things on the menu. The venue boasts an exceptional live band to energize the crowd in the evenings, as well as much-loved resident DJs to ensure an amazing and captivating atmosphere.