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Cocktail | © Farmers and Fishers/Flickr
Cocktail | © Farmers and Fishers/Flickr
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10 Top Bars in Fez

Picture of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer
Updated: 24 October 2017
Since Islam, a religion that prohibits the consumption of alcohol, is the main religion in Morocco, it can be quite difficult to find alcohol—especially in small cities like Fez. However, here are 10 spots where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a cocktail (or mocktail) in a relaxed atmosphere.
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The Rooftop

This chic bar is located on the Hôtel Sahrai’s rooftop. Perfect for watching sunsets, dancing to the beat of the various DJs that perform—especially on weekends—or relaxing on the comfy sofas.

Hôtel Sahrai, Dhar El Mehraz, Fez, , +212 5359-40332

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Bar Lounge L’Alcazar

Inside Riad Fez, this great bar is decorated in wooden furniture that offers the most sophisticated cocktails. Enjoy a few drinks at the bar then grab a bite to eat by the pool. The menu ranges from traditional to international.

Riad Fez, 5 Derb Ben Slimane Zerbtana, Fez, Morocco, +212

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Ramada Hotel

This is the perfect place for those wanting to dance. Located within the hotel, the VIP Club plays R&B music and has a big dance floor. They also have a bar with a number of alcoholic beverages.

Ramada Hôtel, Avenue des Forces Armées Royales, Fez, Morocco, +212 5359-48000

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La Mezzanine

This bar, located in the heart of Fez, gets crowded during the evening since they offer live music as well as DJ sets. Have a beer on the terrace or a smoothie on the comfortable sofas inside.

La Mezzanine, Kasbat Chems, Fez, Morocco, +212 5356-38668

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This restaurant offers delicious food and remarkable martinis. Patrons are allowed to smoke upstairs while they enjoy their dinner or just a glass of wine.

MB, 12 Rue Ahmed Chaouki, Fez, Morocco, +212

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Restaurant Número 7

Located inside the Old Medina, Número 7 is a chic restaurant where patrons can savor a sumptuous dinner made by their chefs or sit at the bar to enjoy some cool drinks in the impressive décor. With a professional and friendly staff, it’s the perfect place to start the evening.

Restaurant Número 7, 7 Zkak Rouan, Fez, Morocco, +212

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Pub Cala Iris

Inside the New Fez is a two-story English style pub/bar. Enjoy a beer and some nuts in the downstairs pub or try the bar on the second floor for a sophisticated but more expensive atmosphere.

The Golden Bar

After a long day strolling in the Medina, sit down and relax. It might be a bit difficult to find the right place, but The Golden Bar, located on the top Palais Faraj, might be just the right place. With an amazing view of Fez and a couple of drinks, invite some friends along and chat while sitting on the comfortable seats.

Palais Faraj Suites, Bab Ziat, Quartier Ziat, Fez, Morocco, +212

Hotel Menzeh Zalagh

This luxury hotel is located in New Fez, and although its décor is very sophisticated and traditional, it is at a mid-range price. Try out some of the many drinks sold at the bar and visit the famous nightclub in Fez.

Hôtel Menzeh Zalagh, 10 Rue Mohammed Diouri, Fez, Morocco, +212 5359-32234


This lounge and bar is very famous among the younger crowd. It offers drinks and entertainment on two floors, live music, and themed parties. Apart from beer, wine, and cocktails, they also have a menu with international bites and amazing tapas.

Andalous, Avenue My Abdallah, Fez, Morocco, 212 5356-03162

Courtesy of Andalous | Courtesy of Andalous