10 Peaceful Running Routes in Fez

View of Fez
View of Fez | © High Contrast / Wikimedia Commons
Fez is a great city to do some running, especially for those more used to it since it is full of hills. Although it is not the most famous sport among locals, runners can still see some people enjoying a morning or afternoon run in one of these peaceful places.

Atlas Fez Garden

This garden is in the new city of Fez and although it is not located in an isolated area, it’s extremely calm and quiet. It’s full of different kinds of trees and hard concrete to run in the most professional way.

Ain Chkef Forest

A peaceful forest section of the ViaRhôna
A peaceful forest section of the ViaRhôna | © Guilhem Vellut/Flickr
This forest is located in the south of Fez. With beautiful enormous trees and greenery, it is a peaceful space to walk or run in—especially in the mornings when the air is cooler. This forest is famous among locals, which means it would be best to go on weekdays when it’s less crowded.
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Meknes Road

The old Meknes Road is perfect for a run as it is blissful and calm. Run towards the Marjane Supermarket, past Dar el Makhzen (the Royal Palace), and into the city of Fez.

Route Principale Fès Meknès

Jardin de Nouveau Méchouar

This garden is extremely beautiful with all kinds of plants arranged in the most beautiful way, including cacti and multicoloured flowers. Enjoy a peaceful run here, but go early in the morning or on the weekends to avoid crowds.

Jardin de Nouveau Méchouar, Fez, Morocco


Enjoy a morning or afternoon jog in this is a tranquil neighbourhood. Beware of traffic as running is not extremely popular among locals, but it is peaceful and pleasant to jog in Chaaban.

Chaaban, Fes, Morocco

Bad Boujloud

Starting from the main gates of the old medina—Bab Boujloud—run across the city wall. With plenty of hills going up and down to keep a run interesting, it is all worthwhile thanks to one of the best views of the medina visible after climbing the biggest hill.

Bad Boujloud, Fez, Morocco

Jnan Sbil

This is the most famous garden in Fez, and its diverse plants and greenery make it one of the best places to run. It’s located near the Batha quarter in the Old Medina. It’s such a peaceful garden and definitely a place to check out for a run.

Jnan Sbil, Fez, Morocco

Alaouites Garden

This is another great garden in Fez to run peacefully surrounded by the sounds of birds and greenery. It is called after the Royal Family, well-maintained, and located right next to the famous Gold Resort.

Alaouites Garden, Fes, Morocco