10 of Tangier's Art Galleries

Art Gallery of NSW |© Pedro Szekely / Wikimedia Commons
Art Gallery of NSW |© Pedro Szekely / Wikimedia Commons
While visiting Tangier, you must see art galleries, whether you’re an art lover or not, just because it’s a part of this mesmerizing city. Tangier has always been a city with endless art and inspired artists, but nowadays, there are more and more up-and-coming artists, wanting to show their talent. Here are the ten best art galleries in Tangier.

Saida Art Contemporain

Art Gallery
Shannon Bool Exhibition
Shannon Bool Exhibition | Courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery
Founded in 2014 in Tetuan by the famous Spanish artist Mareta Espinosa and art critic Carlos Jiménez Moreno, this art gallery promotes the contemporary work of up-and-coming artists from the north of Morocco and other Mediterranean countries. They also have an auditorium where they hold conferences, exhibitions, and many more events.
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Galería Samet

This gallery holds paintings by famous artists like Freaky, Youcha, Partan, Gabriela Lavezzari, and more. They also exhibit fabulous furniture made by famous and talented designers. It is located in the heart of Petit Socco, the most famous souk in Tangier.


35, Rue des Almohads, Tangier, Morocco

Galerie Conil

This is also another gallery in Petit Socco. It presents books, clothing, and paintings that are contemporary yet traditional, focusing on Berber and Arab culture. It is definitely worth seeing while on your way to the Old Medina.

Location and Phone Number:
Rue Chorfa Jdid, Tanger, Morocco, +212 5393-72054

Medina Art Gallery

Art Gallery
Marlise’s work at the Feast Your Eyes Nando's gallery
Marlise’s work at the Feast Your Eyes Nando's gallery | Courtesy of Nando's
This is the most famous art gallery in Tangier. Created in 1999, it’s been housing amazing artists like Omar Mahfoudi, Rachid Handball, Antonio Fuentes, and Louis Endres, among others.

The gallery is very modern itself, as it exhibits modern, contemporary and oriental art, and is always looking for up-and-coming artists to promote their original work.
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Galerie Lawrence - Arnott

Art Gallery, Market
Created in 1975 in London, this art gallery then moved to Tangier to present contemporary and traditional paintings from local and international artists.

Every month, the gallery hosts an exhibition to promote new artists and paintings in the market.
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Galerie Artingis

This gallery houses ancient books and paintings made by local artists. It has become one of the must-go-to galleries in Tangier among art experts and lovers.

Location and Phone Number:

11 Rue Khalid Oualid, Tanger 90000, Morocco, +212 5393-30425

Gallery Mohamed Drissi

Located in the former British Consulate of Tangier, this gallery opened its doors in 1986 to remember the artist Mohamed Drissi.

Now it exhibits art from all over the world, both Moroccan and international.

Location and Phone Number:

52, Rue d’Angleterre, 90000, Tanger, Morocco, +212 5399-36073

Shannon Bool |Courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery

Galerie Photo Loft

Art Gallery, Building
Galerie Photo Loft, Tanger
Galerie Photo Loft, Tanger | Courtesy of Anouska Beckwith
Last, but not least, Photo Loft is located on the last floor of a tall building in the new city of Tangier.

This art gallery presents beautiful photographs from new, extremely talented artists, is a must-see in Tangier since it’s like no other. But make sure to book an appointment, from Monday to Friday, otherwise you won’t be able to step inside!
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