10 of Rabat's Top Yoga Studios

Graz boasts a plethora of yoga studios
Graz boasts a plethora of yoga studios | © AndiP / Pixabay
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Web Content Writer22 January 2018

The industry of yoga has just started developing in the Kingdom, notably in the capital city of Rabat and in Casablanca. From 2010, different yoga studios started appearing in Rabat, offering yoga classes that couldn’t be found elsewhere around the country. There are different types of yoga and a variety of classes, so you can choose between having a personal yoga class in your own home or joining a group at a yoga studio.

Celegate – Kundalini Yoga

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8 Limbs Yoga Studio
8 Limbs Yoga Studio | Courtesy of 8 Limbs Yoga
Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga, performed exclusively by royals and the elite, who kept it secret from the rest of society. It was mainly used to relax and connect with the soul, to stay fit both physically and mentally. They have different type of classes – for children, teenagers and adults – many of which help with memory, concentration, motivation and other key elements of our day-to-day life.

Gym Garden

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This gym is for women only, and it has all the amenities for having the perfect wellness day. From a swimming pool, to equipment and all sorts of workout classes, this place is filled with cool activities for a day of working up a sweat. The yoga classes take place three times a week with a schedule that is fit for everyone, as classes occur in the morning, afternoon and night.

Centre de Yoga Ananda

This yoga studio is very popular in Rabat since they practice the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar, one of the world’s most important yogis and the person who brought yoga to the West. They focus mainly on the different ways of breathing, for a better balance both physically and mentally. Every class is adapted to each person and their abilities, so it won’t get too intense for a beginner even if there are professionals in the room.

Beach yoga at sunset | Courtesy of Sailing Yoga Experience

Beach yoga at sunset | Courtesy of Sailing Yoga Experience

Yoga Raha with Alex

Alex is a certified yoga teacher who is popular in the capital thanks to her amazing classes. You can opt for either solo classes or group sessions in the comfort of your own home. If not, Alex also holds classes at L’atelier Temps-Danse Nadine; the classes might be a bit more crowded but they’re also less pricey.
Workshop Temps-Danse Nadine, 19 Rue Oued Fès, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5376-80763

Atelier Yoga et Bien-être

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Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga | AndiP/Pixabay
This yoga studio is actually for beginners who want to get a certificate in teaching yoga. The teachers are professionals who know how to help you work your way up. They teach hatha yoga, the course lasts seven days (50 hours), and you can either use this practice for your own personal benefit or to teach others.

Mars Venus Club

This fitness club has classes of martial arts, acting, dancing and of course yoga, for both adults and children. Here you’ll have the chance to train with industry professionals who know exactly how the body works and what yours needs for the best workout. Recently they also added Krav Maga classes, which is a first for Morocco!

Mars Venus Club, Angle Avenue Mohamed VI, Avenue Ahmed Rifai, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5376-30472

Centre de Yoga & Pilates de Rabat

This centre of yoga does group and solo classes, focusing on the needs of each person, including therapeutic sessions. The reason behind this special attention is that one of the owners, who used to practice yoga, got into an unfortunate parachuting accident. But, after starting up yoga again, found they could recover their physical strength – a testament to the healing powers of yoga.

Centre Vinyasa

This yoga studio is well known in Rabat, due to the classes being so relaxing and comfortable. The teacher, Aicha Naciri, does all the classes, from Monday through Thursday in one of the most calm and zen atmospheres. A class here could also be a great opportunity to connect with other yogis!

Centre Vinyasa, 44 Rue de l’Oukaimeden, Apt. 8, Agdal, Rabat, Morocco

Yoga studio | Courtesy of GuavaPass | © Courtesy of GuavaPass

Gold’s Gym Premium

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Souissi, Gold’s Gym Premium, is a large gym with many amenities. Although it is more on the pricey side, it does justified by the quality of services and especially the well-trained teachers. Here you can enjoy different types of classes, from body combat to pilates, yoga and much more. They even have a restaurant in the heart of the gym, free parking, free Wi-Fi, towels and much more.

Gold’s Gym Premium, Avenue Oued Akrach, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5376-36370

City Club

City Club is a popular chain of gyms throughout all of Morocco, which means if you sign up for a membership, you can enjoy all their gyms in other cities. Here, they offer different types of classes, like zumba, aerobic and of course yoga. The teachers are professionals and the atmosphere is very motivating.

Feeling the burn during a gecko yoga class | © Gecko Yoga