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Seasonal asparagus, goats cheese and fish | © Jules / Flickr
Seasonal asparagus, goats cheese and fish | © Jules / Flickr
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10 of Rabat's Top Restaurants

Picture of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer
Updated: 14 February 2018
Rabat is a city full of exquisite restaurants. From French to Italian (and, of course, Moroccan) restaurants in the capital, you will always find what you want. Here are Rabat’s 10 top restaurants!
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Villa Diyafa

This sophisticated restaurant, located in the heart of a hotel in the neighbourhood of Les Ambassadeurs, serves some of the most amazing European and Moroccan dishes. The most beautiful part, is the terrace, where you can enjoy your dinner — meat, fish or seafood freshly caught from the Atlantic — surrounded by stunning greenery in the most blissful atmosphere.

Restaurant La Villa Mandarine

This amazing restaurant specialises in French gastronomy by their talented chef Sylvain Brucato. The restaurant’s decor, sophisticated and elegant, makes it the perfect spot to have a romantic dinner, surrounded by bougainvillea and orange groves. It is truly a calm and peaceful oasis to savour French cuisine.

19 Rue Ouled Bousbaa Souissi, Rabat 1777, +212 5377-52077

resto vu de la terrasse

Villa Mandarine | Courtesy of Villa Mandarine

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Bert’s Café

This contemporary café opened back in 2007, near the seafront, in an elegant and cosy atmosphere that is very family friendly. The café is decorated with sophisticated furniture and there is even an area with free WiFi. The dishes are as good as everything else with sandwiches, pizzas and even Moroccan snacks that are absolutely delicious. It is mostly popular for their brunch.

Avenue de France, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5377-72436

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Golden Fish

Golden Fish is located in the heart of the Sofitel Hotel in Rabat, they specialise in fish and seafood, and with each plate, they want to satisfy with freshness, and natural but sumptuous flavours. Fish soup, crab cake, calamari, and even some beef for meat lovers, this place is definitely a place to check out while in Rabat!

BP 450 Souissi, Rabat 10000, Morocco,

Seasonal Asparagus, Goats Cheese and Fish | © Jules / Flickr

Seasonal asparagus, goats cheese and fish | © Jules / Flickr

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Le Georges

This contemporary and modern restaurant is located in the buzzing neighbourhood of Agdal. Here, you can enjoy original and delicious dishes such as marinated duck, seafood, fish, grilled meat and much more, in the most animated atmosphere with live bands almost every night and good music.

66 Rue Oued Baht, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5377-75377

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This is one of the oldest French/Spanish restaurants in the capital. Some of their specialities include Sicilian calamari, rooster with wine, and the famous Tarte Tatin. In a relaxed atmosphere this is a place to meet new people with the same interests. At sunset, you will be able to enjoy the finest dishes with the sound of a live band in the background.

Avenue Fal Ould Oumeir, Rabat 10000, Morocco, +212 5376-71108

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Latium is one of the many Italian restaurants in Rabat. It is nicely decorated with a red, orange and wood theme. The atmosphere is extremely family friendly and the menu is diverse with authentic Italian pizzas, grilled vegetables and the most delicious Italian dessert, the Tiramisu. It is affordable and guarantees an amazing experience!

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This restaurant offers the ultimate French gastronomy experience in a romantic and family friendly environment. They use fresh local products to present the most authentic and fresh dishes like grilled beef or apple pie to enjoy in their popular terrace with a view over a green garden.

Cosmopolitan, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5372-00028

El Barrio Latino

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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El Barrio Latino

El Barrio Latino is the best spot for a fun night out in Rabat! Here, you can enjoy a night with your friends doing karaoke, dancing on the open stage, or savouring your dishes to the sound of a jazz and Latino band! The cuisine is delicious and diverse with grilled veggies, pizzas, fajitas or even chill con carne!

60, Rue Oued Sebou, Rabat, Morocco,

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Mon - Sat:
6:30 pm - 2:00 am

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Restaurant As’iam

Located in the fancy neighborhood of Hay Riad, this Asian restaurant serves Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine made by the famous chef Michaël Balitbit, that you will enjoy in the most sophisticated decor full of colours and relaxing music. It is considered by locals as one of the best Asian restaurants in Rabat.

As’iam, Rabat, Morocco, +212 5375-65630

Vietnamese Salad with Grilled Tofu | © Craig Dugas/Flickr