10 of Rabat's Top Art Galleries

Gilbert & George, 'The Beard Pictures and Their Fuckosophy' at White Cube Bermondsey, 2017 | Courtesy of Galerie d'Art Kaïs
Gilbert & George, 'The Beard Pictures and Their Fuckosophy' at White Cube Bermondsey, 2017 | Courtesy of Galerie d'Art Kaïs
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer3 January 2018

Rabat is known for being the capital city of the Kingdom of Morocco, but it is also known for having the most art galleries! Here, the art is very developed and there are numerous young up-and-coming artists ready to present their work to the public through the art galleries. So, here are the 10 top art galleries in Rabat.

Kulte Gallery & Editions

This amazing art gallery is dedicated to the artistic creation of Moroccan contemporary art. It is divided into three sections, an area open to the public to contemplate the art on the walls, a publishing house for the people who see books as a form of art, and a living space for performances, concerts, and speeches.

Art gallery | © Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay | https://pixabay.com/en/gallery-women-images-despair-2932005/

Au Grain de Sésame

This art gallery is located near the Andalusian Gardens and the famous Kasbah of the Udayas in Rabat. It specializes in the development and respect of the environment and it has an art gallery, a multicultural café, and a workshop for handicraft.

Galerie d’art Espace Expressions CDG

The CDG, which opened in January of 2010, exhibits many forms of art, from paintings to sculptures and even photography. There are no restrictions on who can present their art, as authors are popular, as well as experienced artists and amateurs.

Galerie d’Art Kaïs

This impressive art gallery was mainly created to exhibit modern and contemporary sculptures to the Moroccan people. The art at Galerie d’Art Kaïs is inspired by the present, and it reflects the future to keep a young audience aware of the importance of art and artists.

Gilbert & George, 'The Beard Pictures and Their Fuckosophy' at White Cube Bermondsey, 2017 | Courtesy of Galerie d'Art Kaïs

Villa des Arts

This spacious villa exhibits contemporary art without forgetting about the Moroccan culture. It organizes events for children, adults, families, couples, and more. It is one of the most popular art galleries in Rabat and the entry is free.

Villa des Arts Rabat | © Nawalbennani/WikiCommons

Galerie Bab Rouah

This gallery is managed by the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco. The entrance of Bab Rouah is the largest gate built in 1197 by Yaacoub Al Mansour. In 1960, it was officially opened as an art gallery, but in 1986, it was restored and opened again with different types of art.

Finally, in 2001, the Ministry of Culture took over and turned it into a real art gallery for art lovers.

Le Cube – independent art room

Since 2005, Le Cube exhibits contemporary paintings in its art gallery, and it has since become an independent platform for Moroccan and international up-and-coming artists.

It is a peaceful and relaxed place where people get together to express and share their thoughts on the world and art.


Located near the train station of Rabat, Marsam was the first official art gallery to be created in the capital. The founders were big fans of art and wanted to share this passion of theirs with the whole Moroccan community. At Marsam, you can even buy paintings that you like and start your own little collection.

The gallery space in Parkwood | Courtesy of David Krut Projects

Galerie Nadira

This gallery is managed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and it was created to encourage all youngsters of Morocco to explore their creative side and start exhibiting their own work and discovering other artists’ work.

It is also a place where artists can meet with their audience and engage with them.

L’Atelier Ouvert

L’Atelier Ouvert is an art gallery created by a group of artist graduates from the School of Fine Arts of Tetuan who have been on the art scene for over 30 years, both locally and internationally.

They have opened this art gallery to give the chance to young amateur artists to present their work and be seen by others. It is also a great spot to meet new people with the same interests as you.

Shannon Bool Exhibition | Courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery