10 of Casablanca's Top Teahouses

A pot of tea in a traditional Moroccan salon |© Rachid Ahitass / Flickr
A pot of tea in a traditional Moroccan salon |© Rachid Ahitass / Flickr
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Teahouses are very common in Morocco, due to the fact that Moroccans drink a lot of Moroccan mint tea. Usually, they are in authentic Moroccan living rooms, where a waiter dressed in traditional clothing pours glasses of tea. However, in many teahouses now, they have incorporated a more modern touch with comfortable chairs and waiters dressed in their usual uniform. Here are Casablanca’s 10 top teahouses!

Les Maitres du Pain

This teahouse is located in a hidden location on the popular Boulevard Zerktouni of Casablanca. It is very modern and chic, as they serve croissants, biscuits, and all kinds of pastries, accompanied with tea, of course.

The atmosphere is relaxed and very sophisticated and you might even run into a few famous people here!

Chocolate croissants | © Ken Hawkins / Flickr

Testo Ferri

This is a typical Moroccan teahouse, with your usual waiters serving tea or coffee accompanied with a free bottle of water. You can choose a pastry of your choice, either Moroccan or French.

They also do an amazing breakfast with a hot beverage of your choice, a glass of orange juice, olive oil, and cheese bread or a pastry and a soup, all for 1€ only!

Testo Ferri is also a place that you would usually find crowded during football matches, since they stream them in the many T.V.s they have throughout the teahouse.

Alba Salon de Thé

This is one of the most popular teahouses in Casablanca, since it has been there for many years and is located right outside of the medina, what once used to be the center of the city.

Here, you will find all types of people sitting down and enjoying their fresh mint tea with some biscuits while gazing at all the people walking in a rush to get to work. It is also right next to where the tramway is, and many people gather around the area to hop on it.

If you are in Casablanca, this is definitely a place to try out!

A pot of tea in a traditional Moroccan salon | © Rachid Ahitass / Flickr


This amazing teahouse is located near the French Club of Casablanca, and it offers an amazing teahouse experience.

With a small terrace surrounded by beautiful greenery, you can order your tea and some delicious cakes, or if you are feeling something bitter, you can also opt for the omelet.

It is a nice place to just sit down and relax with a couple of friends before going on with your day.

Bio Ice

This teahouse is located in the buzzing neighborhood of Maarif and it is absolutely massive.

As you enter, you will be greeted by the friendly and professional staff who will kindly take your order. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with music in the background and a few T.V.s on the wall.

You can ask for a Moroccan mint tea accompanied by a croissant or cheesecake. They have a large menu from which you can pick anything you could possibly imagine.

German Cheesecake | © Mohamed Yahya/Wikicommons

La Brioche Dorée

La Brioche Dorée is a teahouse/café open in various locations throughout Casablanca. Here, the atmosphere is very chill, you can meet cool people, and of course, have some tea.

On the menu is tea, juice, coffee, pizzas, sandwiches, and much more. It is a practical place where it’s easy to choose what to eat and where you can sit down for a couple of hours.

Café de France

This is the most typical Moroccan teahouse you will encounter in Casablanca. Its location is key to its popularity, since it is right on Place des Nations Unies, which gives you an amazing view to look at while sipping on your tea.

At Café de France, you can ask for typical Moroccan pastries such as msemmen or harcha, toast, orange juice, tea, and much more. This is the perfect place to have the most amazing Casablanca teahouse experience.

Glass of Moroccan mint tea | © Evan Bench / Flickr

Plaisance Café

At Plaisance Café, you can enjoy yourself, as the atmosphere is relaxed and cozy, and you can try their home-made food made with love by the chef.

It is the place to go if you are on a budget, as you can opt for a full breakfast for under 2€, or just have a coffee, tea, crepe, waffle, and more.

Cafe One Love

This cafe is located near Bio Ice and has an amazing atmosphere, especially if you want to watch games on T.V.

The dishes here are delicious, as are the desserts, which include cheesecake and lava cake. But most importantly, the tea is fresh and very sweet. It is a spacious place and you can meet different sorts of people here, as it is not for one specific social class.


This teahouse is very chic and modern, with impressive décor, comfortable chairs, and sophisticated people.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a kind and professional waiter who will show you to your table. The menu is very broad and especially delicious. It is also very affordable for such a modern and elegant place.

Of course, you can enjoy your glass of tea while watching the news or simply having a chat with your friends!

Melliber Café | Courtesy of Hotels.com

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