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Roti China Town | © Courtesy of La Boutique Maurice
Roti China Town | © Courtesy of La Boutique Maurice
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The Best Spots to Eat Roti in Port Louis, Mauritius

Picture of Rusheel Sakaram
Updated: 3 May 2017
The bountiful supply of sun-ripened vegetables on the island, a savant blend on spices, and unleavened dough are what herald the roti as a national dish. Transcending social status and faith, this legacy of Indian immigrants is consumed at any time of the day. We take you on a tour to the best stalls in Port Louis, Mauritius’ capital city, for a tantalizing experience!
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Roti AKA

A family success story, Roti AKA (named after the owner’s mother) is the best you can get in town. In Cassis, a suburb of Port Louis, a spice-infused air floats around the stall, busy from dawn to dusk. Although purists go for the vegetarian version – with lima beans, rougaille (tomato salsa) and a good smear of chili – several other fillings are on offer, and include chicken, pilchard, and lamb.

Roti with curry|© Courtesy of La Boutique Maurice

Roti with curry | © Courtesy of La Boutique Maurice

Chez Shiv

Make your way to the central market to find a roti which literally melts in your mouth. Selling only one version of the street food, the owner masters it to perfection. Through his transparent casing, watch him mix the different fillings onto the surface of the flat bread and throw a dash of chili on top. Upon being served, wait no longer to dig in! Perhaps another one will be on its way soon…


Roti China Town

As its name points out, this place is located at the entrance of China Town. The owner sells piping hot roti along this very busy street of the capital. Although the stall looks quite shabby, what comes out of it is close to perfection. The recipe of their dough makes many other roti hawkers envious. This is a must-try when passing through China Town!

Roti China Town|© Courtesy of La Boutique Maurice
Roti China Town | © Courtesy of La Boutique Maurice
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Roti Ama

Lesser known to the public, Roti Ama, located along Louis Pasteur Street, makes quite a few tummies happy at lunch time. Contrary to AKA, where seats are available, at Ama, customers eat on the go. The unique selling point of this place is its chili paste, which confers a whole new dimension to the experience.

Roti vendor|© Silke Baron/FlickR

Roti vendor | © prilfish/Flickr