An Adventure Traveler's Guide to Mauritius

Dangerous Bathing|© Sebastian Kippe/FlickR
Dangerous Bathing|© Sebastian Kippe/FlickR
Photo of Rusheel Sakaram
7 May 2017

We know too well how nerve-racking it can get when an adventure turns out to be just a mere taster of the real thing. On the island of Mauritius, things are somehow different, with unspoiled areas to discover and thrilling activities unique to this paradise island. Safe for a few warning signs here and there, the immaculate blue sky seems to be the limit!

Kite Surfing at Le Morne Peninsula

A rendezvous for big shots in surfing, Le Morne Peninsula is true bliss for kite surfers. Surfing at Le Morne is a ritual in itself with a holistic preparation. It is more of a way of life than being an actual sport in this Indian Ocean state. Wax up early on a Sunday to tame those unbelievable waves, with the UNESCO World Heritage peak as backdrop! Things do get pretty rough in this spot, but be it high in the sky or hitting a bad winding and ending up in the azure water, it’s all about pushing your limits!

Kite Surf in Le Morne | © The Travel Manuel/FlickR

Quad biking

Picture some gum-burning deep into the forest, crossing streams and encountering stags. Added to that are spectacular views on the island at various spots. Encounters with monkeys, stags, tortoises and pink pigeons shouldn’t come as a surprise! Get the revs going for what promises to be a dirty yet heart-throbbing ride!

Quad Biking in Mauritus | © The Travel Manuel/FlickR

Scooter underwater

Boasting an abundant aquatic fauna, discovering it on foot is one of the most memorable experiences to indulge! Real adventurers will go barefoot to get that powdery-sand feeling under their feet. Welcomed by some curious fish and other marine creatures, just keep steering and watch them follow you as they try to figure out which species you belong to. This experience obviously warrants a GoPro or two attached to immortalise this unforgettable time bathing in crystal-clear waters.

Scooter under water | © The Travel Manuel/FlickR


The key to getting this activity right is to not over-think it! Get your equipment on as told, jump onto that plane, get stunned by the view and finally wet your pants on throwing yourself into the void! There is an option to do it as a tandem to discover the magnificent lagoons of the northern coast of the island. The only advice worth listening to is to keep your eyes wide open – for the experience, though packed with sensation, doesn’t last long!

Skydive in Mauritius | © Courtesy of Skydive Mauritius

Canyoning like a boss!

For this incredible journey, all you need is to be above 12 years of age and be fit for duty. The rest is sheer discovery as you climb and abseil waterfalls, cliffs and peaks as they show up on your trail. Getting wet, breaking a sweat and getting your hands dirty are what you sign up for on this intrepid journey. Fortunately, some respite is on the plan with a dip into ponds known to few and plucking fresh tropical fruits. To get that Tarzan feeling, why not go for a skinny dip and rest under the waterfall for a more-than-deserved massage!

Canyoning | © Cyril Bèle/FlickR

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