The Top Unique Experiences in Kenya

Kenya| © Sho HataKenyama/ Unsplash
Kenya| © Sho HataKenyama/ Unsplash
Photo of Jean Wandimi
8 August 2017

Kenya remains one of the best countries to visit because of its innumerable scenic sites, national parks, hiking, and biking trails, foodie experiences, culture, beautiful beaches, high-quality coffee, and activities. Looking for unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in “Magical Kenya?” This curated list is for you.

Hot Air Balloon While Watching a Wonder of the World

Hot air balloon rides on the Mara are exhilarating. Some of the companies that offer these are Hot Air Safaris, Governors Balloon Safaris, and Skyship Company. You can enjoy floating on the savanna while watching the animals. This list wouldn’t have been complete without including the Wildebeest Migration which is a wonder of the world. This is a spectacular sight where two million wildebeest migrate in search of water and greener pastures. Watching this on a hot air balloon is a dream come true.

Hot air Balloon | © Austin Ban / Unsplash

Experience the Thrill of Skydiving Above Diani

The Kenyan coast is very scenic, and it is one of the best places to skydive. Looking at the reef and turquoise water from above is an unforgettable experience. On a clear day, you can get a glimpse of the Shimba Hills National Reserve. There are trained instructors from Skydive Diani to guide you all the way, and this remains a must-do.

Skydiving | © Eun-Kwang Bae / unsplash

Dine in Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

This is one of the unique dining experiences in Kenya. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is a restaurant inside a cave lit by candles and an open roof so that you can see the stars when you are dining.

Cave Dining | © Sarah Chambers/ flickr

Whale Watching in Watamu

Watch the humpback whales in the Watamu Protected Area on the Kenyan coast. You can also watch other species of whale and dolphins. Visitors get to see the whales jumping out of the water with their calves.

Whale | © Thomas kelley/ Unsplash

Visit Kituluni Hill and Watch Water Flow up a Hill

Kituluni Hill is in Machakos, and it defies Newton’s law of gravity. It is a place where water flows upwards, and some people attest this to mystical powers while others attempt to justify this with science. Cars parked on free gear will roll upwards. Regardless of whether you think that the Earth’s magnetic forces or mystical forces cause this, it is a unique place to visit.

| © Maria Stiehlrr / unsplash | © Maria Stiehlrr / unsplash

Stand in the Middle of the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere

Visit the earth’s equator, which is the longest line of latitude. In Kenya, the equator passes through six kilometers north of Kisumu. Here, you also get to witness the Coriolis Effect where a falling object or fluid flows in different directions in both the north and southern hemispheres. The deflection of the paths are different, but there is no deflection at the equator. Locals will demonstrate this by using water and a jug. This effect explains why most tornadoes in the Northern Hemisphere rotate in a clockwise direction while most in the Southern Hemisphere rotate in an counterclockwise direction.

Passing through the equator | © Henry Bergius/ Flickr

See Thousands of Pink Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

Although the number of flamingos is disappearing, you can still feast your eyes on the fantastic pink plumage of flamingos. The best season to visit is during the hot season in January and February because this is when they come out in large numbers to feed on the algae. You can also see other animals in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Flamingoes | © Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr

Visit the Unique Geysers and Hot Springs in Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is one of the best places to see geysers and the highest geyser location on the continent. The geysers contain a lot of carbon dioxide, and they fizz and bubble. The lake has approximately 200 springs, and these combine to form geysers. People attest to the healing properties of the geysers. There are also more beautiful flamingoes in Lake Bogoria.

Lake Bogoria | © Pierre / Flickr

Visit the Cradle of Mankind

Although there has been a debate on where the cradle of mankind is, Kenya is a great place to start when learning about the origins of man. Louis and Mary Leakey pioneered archaeological findings in Kenya. Some of the sites to visit are Hyrax Hill in Nakuru, Koobi Fora, Kariandusi, Pate Island, and Olorgesailie.

| © Mathew MacQuarrie / unsplash | © Mathew MacQuarrie / unsplash

Visit the Crying Stone of Ilesi

This landmark is referred to as the “crying stone” because it resembles a crying person. People have spiced this phrase by myths, stories, and folklore. There is a large rock balancing a smaller rock and water flows in the middle of the rock. Locals say that when the stone “cries” it is a sign of good things and they have forbidden the government and companies from building a resort around the rock.

Crying Stone | © Wikimedia Common

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