The Most Trendy Neighborhoods in Nairobi

Nairobi landscape
Nairobi landscape | © Demosh / Flickr
Nairobi is a smooth combination of old colonial buildings, like the National Archives, and more modern skyscrapers, like the Barclays Plaza. As the city center continues to work on being trendy, the neighborhoods are not being left behind. The following suburbs are the trendiest in Nairobi, attracting young professionals and families alike.


Giraffe center
Rothschild giraffes at the Giraffe Center, Langata, Nairobi | Rothschild giraffes at the Giraffe Center, Langata, Nairobi

Karen is the quintessential leafy suburb. The neighborhood is wonderfully tranquil and serene and has high-end malls, schools, and restaurants. The population is mainly families and expats who have decided to make Kenya their permanent home. There are plenty of activities in the vicinity, including golfing, horse riding, and racing, as well as animal sanctuaries to enjoy wildlife, like the giraffe center.

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Beautiful, bespoke home | Beautiful, bespoke home
Runda is an elite neighborhood with modern homes co-existing with older houses. The suburb has been around for decades and still retains its affluence and charm. It is such a trending location that more people continue to acquire property in the suburb and build their homes. It is an exclusive area that has not allowed construction of apartments, malls, or restaurants around.
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Gigiri Crafts Market
Maasai market at the Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi | Maasai market at the Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi

This suburb is characterized by trees lining the streets and forming a beautiful canopy. Some of the trees are as old as the neighborhood itself, giving it a lot of character. The suburb has great security and close proximity to the city center without being affected by the bustle of the city. Several consulates have their offices there because of the great environment. It is home to the UN headquarters in Nairobi.

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Muthaiga Golf Club | Muthaiga Golf Club

Muthaiga is a posh suburb quietly nestled 20 minutes away from the city center. There is a distinct lack of malls and other social amenities but those can be accessed at Gigiri, which is nearby. The neighborhood has preserved its residential feel and sense of community even as other suburbs have become swamped with commercial buildings.

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Samsung shop Westgate Mall, Westlands, Nairobi | Samsung shop Westgate Mall, Westlands, Nairobi

Located 10 minutes from the city center, this neighborhood is home to many high-end restaurants and nightclubs, which makes it a favorite. Upmarket malls, like the West gate and Sarit Center, have contributed to the suburb, attracting young, upwardly mobile professionals and their families. The quieter part of Westlands is Spring Valley, which is more serene and family oriented.

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