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Food presentation at an event | Courtesy of Cooking With Jaz
Food presentation at an event | Courtesy of Cooking With Jaz
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Kenyan Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Picture of Jackline Wambugi
Updated: 9 February 2017
Social media in Kenya is an urban phenomenon. Of all the social media channels available, Kenyans seem to have espoused Instagram. Whether they are sharing beauty tips, fashion style, landscapes or food, one thing is apparent – they are sharing an important aspect of their life. Therefore, there is so much to learn from some of the popular Kenyan Instagrammers.

Sarah Waiswa

“Many faces many faces, I’ve gone through many places, but I have never seen the sky so blue”, borrowed from a local pop song, perhaps best describes this account. Sarah Waiswa takes portraits of people from different cultures all over the world. Her albino series received immense applause. There is so much more to a face.

Sunday Best

A photo posted by Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien) on

Sylvia Njoki

Sylvia is one of the most respected stylists in the country. As such, she commands a massive following both from her peers as well as the fashion-conscious netizens. She shares everything from beauty tips to outfit styling to fashionable travel, all of which is consumed with gusto.

Jasmine Macharia

There is no one who does it better with food than Jasmine. A fully certified chef, she shares intricate recipes in an easy way. She leaves her audience with an array of mouthwatering gourmet food that they can prepare right from their kitchens. No more eat outs.

Biko Wesa

Biki Wesa‘s account shares travel photos with a twist! Forget about the Maasai Mara or Diani Beach. Travel to the remote corners of the coastal region, where tourist cameras cannot dare reach. From traditional dancers to fishermen in Kilifi, he brings the culture of the Kenyan coastal region alive.

Louis Morice of @musafirsjourney

A photo posted by Biko Wesa (@bikowesa) on

Matwana Matatu Culture

Matatus in Kenya have, for a long time, been an international spectacle. With messages emblazoned on their side, their custom bodies, booming music and their breakneck speed, these ‘art on wheels’ are a part of the urban culture. With every shutter, Matwana Matatu Culture ensures they will not fade away so easily.

Joe Were

Joe takes pictures of everyday life but in an artistic form. With a keen artistic eye, he makes use of the natural light, taking pictures at angles that accentuate his images. Some of the images have a naturally occurring beautiful contrast. But if he cannot find one, he uses artificial light to throw contrast on the subjects of his photographs. End result? Beautiful art in a photograph.

Sebastian Wanzalla

Sebastian is a photographer and a designer. Looking at his account, you may be forgiven to think he is all over the place. But on a closer look, you realise that all his images are either from a designer perspective or a photographer point of view. Nevertheless, his photographs are artful. He has specialised in food photography, fashion photography, nature photography and entertainment photography.

William (alias

This established photographer has his eyes set on urban culture, not just in Kenya but beyond. From the donkey-trodden streets of Lamu to the fast-paced streets of Nairobi to the dusty roads of Samburu to the developed streets of China, he skillfully captures the culture of people.

::// Keep ya head up… :://#lookupseason

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Trevor Jerry

Behind this Instagram account is Trevor Jerry, one of the best artistic photographers in the country with an appetite to showcase life in Nairobi and beyond. He focuses on landscapes and cityscapes, using light and photography angles to create a work of art.

↕️ World's collide #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases #ELECTRIFYtravels

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Samir Dave

Although Samir snaps at everyday objects; a passing cyclist, a distant house or a long exposure shot of a street in Nairobi, they are creative masterpieces. He showcases not just the culture of the place, but its physical beauty.