10 Quick Escapes From The City Of Nairobi

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29 November 2016

You’re looking for a place to go and relax before you have to start worrying about work, school, the kids, bills and taxes. Your first choice would probably be Maasai Mara, Amboseli or Naivasha, which are some of the most famous tourist destinations in Kenya. Well, it’s time to expand your horizons and try out new places; this list contains amazing destinations that are not necessarily the first locations you’d pick.

Zaina Falls in Nyeri | Courtesy of Peter Ndung’u

Zaina Falls, Nyeri

It’s been said that distance heals a broken heart, so this is for those completely serious about their temporary break-up with city life. Pack up your bags and drive, fly or take a train, as long as it gets you to this beautiful haven in Nyeri. Situated in a village called Chania, Zaina Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya. Its beautiful scenery and well-marked trails will leave you with no regrets.

Zaina Falls, Nyeri, Kenya

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta is well known for the amazing natural wildlife experience it gives its visitors. As a wildlife conservancy, it is completely willing to allow others to get involved in the protective role, so be prepared to get your hands dirty. There is nothing better to relax your mind than to go lion tracking, birdwatching, identifying different animal tracks plus many more exciting activities Ol Pejeta has available.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Rongai Main Gate, Rift Valley, Kenya, +275 707 187141

Oloolua Natural Trail

For those who like to play pretend, this is the ideal place for you. This is the place to go to when you want to feel like you’re completely far away from the city but really just a couple of hours away. Oloolua Natural Trail is a five-kilometer trail situated in Karen that offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Its beautiful forest with waterfalls and caves and a well-defined trail (you can use for a stress-relieving jog) will be worth your time.

Oloolua Natural Trail, Karen Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Rolf’s Place

If you’re looking to get away from the city but not willing to completely commit, then Rolf’s Place is the best place for you! Only about two hours away from the city of Nairobi, Rolf’s Place is where you will get your desired breath of fresh, unpolluted air, cross a swing bridge to get to your destination, set your eyes on a beautiful building with amazing décor and get served impeccable cuisine. For all those energetic people not quite content with just relaxing, there are some activities you can partake in such as paintball, which will actively engage your body and mind.

Rolf’s Place, Maasai Lodge Rd, Nairobi, Kenya, +254 722 265768

Lake Ol Bolosat Cottages | Courtesy of Peter Ndung'u
Lake Ol Bolosat Cottages | Courtesy of Peter Ndung’u

Lake Ol Bolosat, Kenya

What better way to escape city life than by visiting a hidden lake? Intrigued already? Well, prepare to be blown away. Lake Ol Bolosat is a beautiful spot to the west of the Aberdare Rangers that is well known for its huge catfish and plentiful hippos. To get the complete ‘hidden experience,’ you can spend a night at the Lake Ol Bolosat cottages, which are five cottages with perfect views of the lake and the Aberdare Hills, or the Kichakani Cabins — two nearby log cabins complete with double beds.

Lake Ol Bolosat, Kenya

The Coral Gardens of Wasini

Definitely a must-visit place, Wasini Island is located less than 100 kilometers south of Mombasa, and its footpaths consist of corals or sand. What makes the coral gardens stand out is the beautiful site of coral rocks jutting out of the ground in all different shapes — somewhat ‘alien.’ The exotic mangrove trees are also a site to behold. This beautiful place is bound to soothe your mind and is a great way to escape the city life.

Wasini Island, Kenya

Lord Egerton Castle

Let’s be honest — it would not occur to most people, not in 100 hundred years, that there are actually castles to visit in Kenya. Well needless to say, there is at least one famous castle in Kenya (now you know) that has quite a history to it. Located in Nakuru, Lord Egerton Castle boasts of its impressive architecture, its rich history and the beautiful ambience of tranquility it enthralls in people. Be sure to come here the next time you want to use your annual leave purposefully.

Lord Egerton Castle, Nakuru, Kenya

Peponi Scuba Diving

Sometimes nature alone cannot make people as relaxed as they hope to be; sometimes they need something fun and adventurous, like scuba diving. In that case, Peponi would be the best place to enjoy this at an affordable price and with many more benefits. Dive into this wonderful opportunity and catch a glimpse of sharks, turtles, whales and many other incredible marine life as you relax underwater.

Peponi Divers Mombasa, Mount Kenya Rd, Mombasa, Kenya, +275 722 412302

Tiwi Beach

This list would not be satisfactory if it didn’t include the beautiful beaches of the coast. Tiwi Beach is situated in Ukunda and is one of the best beaches on the coast. The great thing about coming here is that there are numerous hotels around that you can stay in and still enjoy the tranquility for which you’ve been searching.

Tiwi Beach, Kwale, Kenya

The Streets in Old Town, Mombasa | Courtesy of Peter Ndung'u
The Streets in Old Town, Mombasa | Courtesy of Peter Ndung’u

Old Town, Mombasa

The best way to shake off that city bug would be to get an experience much different from what you’re used to in your daily life. For that, you’ll need to go far off to the coast — to the roots of a historical place with inhabitants of Portuguese, Arab, Swahili and British heritage. Situated in Mombasa, Old Town is what holds most of the heritage of the second largest city in Kenya, with its historical buildings dating back to the 18th century. Have an experience of a lifetime by living the history of the place — walk through the streets, and you’ll get a sense that you’re going back in time to a perfect place with old souls.

Old Town, Mombasa, Kenya

Alternatively, if you’re living abroad and these places are appealing to you, you can always come here to escape your city’s chaos.

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